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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

One Year Later: While Everyone Was Watching Ferguson MO - Marc Emery Got Deported for Seeds

by Richard C. Clement

On behalf of the American People,
we apologize for this act terror
inflicted upon
Mr.and Mrs Marc S. Emery
by a few of our Government Officials
August 12th 2014 marks a one year anniversary of the deportation of Canada’s Prince of Pot, Marc Scott Emery via the Detroit Windsor Tunnel.  In complete bondage and while everyone was watching the events in Ferguson Missouri, Mr. Emery a Canadian citizen, was unceremoniously dumped off at the Canadian border by US Marshall's after being flown from a Louisiana holding facility.  Emery served four years in a US Federal Prison for the crime of selling Marijuana seeds to Americans and other International Customers.

(CBC Canada Reports the Return the Marc Scott Emery back to Canada)

Jodie Emery
He was extradited to the United States by the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the request of the US Drug Enforcement Agency for the purposes of stopping the Marijuana Legalization movement.  During his time in Jail many states like Michigan made Marijuana legal or have it in their State Legislatures to be voted on. Industrial Hemp is the law in Michigan so that people can manufacture products from the plant.

Nikes Paid for by American Taxpayers
After further review by US Attorney General Eric Holder, Marc was kicked out of the United States of America like Dolomite from San Antonio TX with a brand new pair of Nikes, $200 dollars, and a damn good meal. He was told he could never return again to USA.  He was flown from Mississippi in chains by Con Air and kicked off the plane in Toledo. He was driven from Toledo to Windsor CA where he was welcomed by a huge crowd of Canadians welcoming him home. 

He was the ultimate example of forgiveness because he spoke very kindly of the American People and said "that there are a few bad apples among a very great people".  Marc Emery is now a felon in the USA and a registered voter in Canada. Mrs. Emery is an up and coming electable Woman in political office. Now and One year later, Canadian Citizens now have to power elect a Prime Minister to  change the direction of their government on October 19th, 2015.   Through a trade agreement with Michigan on Industrial Hemp Products, the loan from Canada to build the Gordie Howe Bridge will be paid off in weeks. We know that Riverside Park in Detroit would be finished long before any bridge goes up and become operational and that is why the City of Detroit went forward with the Moroun family.

Jodie Emery
The current Prime Minister Stephen Harper has engaged in a new Voter suppression method by banning all advertising regarding the national elections. Mr. Harper hates Cannabis with a passion. However and with the power of Social Media, this strategy will fail because there are 3.6 million Canadian Citizens that support the use of Cannabis.  This Voting Block has the opportunity to reshape the Office of the Prime Minister with people who listen to them.  We hope that they show up to elect leaders who are more tolerant toward things creating international jobs with Cannabis Products, instead of shipping dirty oil that does not create jobs.

Marc Emery Speaks on the Importance of Voting 
Good Info for both sides of the border

In 2016 American Citizens will have to pick the next president to succeed President Obama.  We hope that the young people line up and, vote like they stand in line waiting for the newest pair of Nike Shoes.  Electing the wrong person like Chris Christie may get you put in a line for brand new pair of Nikes, just like the ones Marc Emery got for free.

Finally, Marc Scott Emery has earned the right for a Pardon and Complete Clemency from President Barack Obama before he leaves office.  When this is done, Mr. and Mrs. Marc Scott Emery are more than welcome to come back to the USA via Detroit over the Ambassador Bridge and, visit us as a free people.

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