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Monday, August 24, 2015

A Historic August Weekend in Detroit on 8 Mile Road

By Richard C. Clement

Like a fine bottle of Wine
Getting better with Age
The Office of District 2 Councilmember Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr. wants to commend all of the participants of People for Palmer Park, The Annual 8 Mile Gathering Fellowship, Crusin in the D, and all the people at Peterson Park who partied in the Spirit of Detroit this August. I want to give a special shout out to the 40th year reunion of the Mumford Class of 1975.

Some of the Class of 1975

WMUM Radio Personalities
Gerald Mc Bride and Richard Clement
It was an extreme pleasure to see old friends, classmates, neighbors, and the reason that all of us became who we are now. It was good to know that some of us are still alive and well.  To those of my Mustang classmates who are resting in heaven, I was honored to be your friend, teammate and drinking partner.  It has been 40 years graduated from Mumford High School and, to all of you all may the Spirit of Detroit inside you live on.

More class of the Class of 1975

Clement and Lake
The Annual 8 Mile reunion on the grounds of an old civil war camp was an extremely awesome event of unity. Old and new neighbors get together and fellowship in the most awesome manner at this location. There are never any acts violence here and it is nothing but love and respect for each other.

Pasteur School in the House
It was an extreme pleasure to introduce some of my friends to current Detroit Fire Department employees of Engine 44, with a brand new door. We were glad to see the support from Wayne County Sheriff, Detroit Fire and Police Departments.  They should feel good about covering a District with a strong history and a great future for the children that live there. Everyone knows the Neighborhood Police Officer but very few know the Neighborhood Fire Fighter. Want to give a big shout out to Sheriff Benny Napolean for his support and he is a proud product of Pasteur School.

Stop The Violence
The Gathering at Peterson Park was a true blessing of the neighborhood again in the Spirit of Detroit. This large city park accommodated three different groups who all played together in harmony.  A Winship Junior High School reunion, a Stop the Violence Rally, and a church group all used the park to fellowship together.  A deputy sheriff from Wayne County came to Stop the Violence and speak about the importance of education and reading. 

Wayne County Sheriff & Cush
Most of the prisoners in Wayne County Jails have the same trait in common regarding their reading skills. They are the most repeat offenders and the deputy sheriff did a wonderful job in communicating with the audience about police and community relations. This is another shout out to Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napolean and the employees that work under his command.

Cush and the Church
Working Together in District 2

Cruisn the D at Palmer Park
The effort to make Woodward South of 8 Mile road a part of a Cruise weekend was a smashing success. The span of Woodward between 8 and Mc Nichols (6 Mile for Native Detroiters) was populated with by the Crusin the “D” event that went around Palmer Park, 7 Mile, Woodward, 8 Mile and back.  This area has its own uniqueness because there are few restaurants and a park with a lot of trees where people parked their cars, stayed cool and watched the other cars go by.  It was a pleasure to welcome cruisers to the area.  

Crusin at Palmer Park
Participants at Woodward and Golden Gate drank cool vegan lemonade at the Golden Gate CafĂ© and watched the cars go by. Our office wants to send a thank you to Jerry White, Ms. Litita White and LG Graphics for participating in the inaugural classic car show held on the parking lot at Woodward and Golden Gate.  This location is a prime property for watching cruisers, especially the motor bikers go up and down Woodward.

Thank you Mejiers 

In 2016 a cruise from Campus Martius and Back is very doable. In collaboration with bikers, cruisers, and track clubs, this annual event will morph into an international celebration of the automobile.  Is a Cruise weekend marathon with runners running from 26 miles out to a finish line located at Campus Martius possible? This would have to be done before the Saturday of the event maybe on a Friday morning. Otherwise, the bikers and automobile group can do the cruise from Campus Martius to Pontiac in 2016 with proper time, planning and, support.

Cruiser(Left) with Organizer/CEO
Gregory Reed(Right)

Detroit is coming back and we are helping to keep it on track to progress.

We thank you all for your participation in these events in the Spirit of Detroit.

Keep up the good work in Detroit!

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Wenni Donna said...

Oh my goodness, this Historic August Weekend in Detroit looks fabulous. I am so pleased that everyone had such nice time over there. I would also be attending an outdoor event at the Seattle venues and all my friends will be joining me. I am sure it will be a blasting weekend event! - Good Stuff on the Internet