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Monday, August 10, 2015

Cruise Woodward Avenue on the M1 in District 2 During Cruise Weekend Aug 12-Aug 16

by Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.

“Paying Homage to the Automobile from Highland Park to 8 Mile”

We are strongly encouraging all lovers of the Automobile to converge on Woodward Avenue from August 12th, 2015 until August 16th, 2015 on Cruise Week along Woodward in Detroit and Highland Park.  Highland Park will be paying homage to the Automobile at the Old Ford Plant Site on Woodward Avenue. This site was the home of the plant that build Ford’s first car, the Model-T coupe. In Detroit the main event will be the Crusin the “D” event around Palmer Park.

1965 Dodge Challenger
Owner Name: Diamond
In the Main event, cruisers and City Vehicles such as Fire Trucks, Police Cars, form a big D loop around the Park on Woodward between 8 Mile and McNichols.   Last year Chief Craig headlined the Parade and the Detroit Fire Department, especially Engine 44 represented very well. This year will be even better because locations along Woodward between 8 and 6 Mile are available with permission of the property owners in advance.  Vendors and tables located at the intersection of Woodward and Goldengate will be there to greet cruisers on the road.  While you watch the Crusin the "D" you can eat some of the best Vegan food at the Golden Gate Cafe. Under the leadership of Gregory Reed, the Crusin the D event is a highlight of the District.  Currently we are waiting on approval from MDOT/State of Michigan to use the vacant State Fair Parking Lot for Cruise purposes. Talented people who love to build cars from scratch are strongly encouraged to participate in this event that pays homage to the City and Region that built a nation. 

For more information on the Cruise go to

If you are going to have a real regional transportation, going East and West is a priority. The eventual crossroad for the M1 and M102 Rail System is ground zero for the redevelopment of the neighborhood, including the Old State Fairgrounds. Eventual plans for the property are a new neighborhood, retail shopping, theater complex, and transportation center.  The transportation center will include a new stop for AMTRAK trains heading to Chicago. This station will replace the station on Woodward making AMTRAK people friendly and easy to park. Detroiters will not have to drive to Dearborn to catch the AMTRAK train.  To view the complete site plan for the Michigan State Fair, please visit Councilmember Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr’s website by clicking here. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Councilmember Pro Tem Cushingberry's office at (313) 224-4535                                                                                                                              

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