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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Good News in Detroit, Come and Cruise in Detroit! Classic Car Cruise Weekend / Aug 13-15th

by Friends of Cushingberry

Vendor Space Available

                The 1st annual Classic Car Park and Cruise Detroit event will be held on August 13,14 and 15th 2015 at the intersection of Woodward Avenue and W. Goldengate Street.   This is a prime location on Woodward Avenue because as a Cruiser, you can participate in the Dream Cruise north of 8 mile and Cruisn the “D” South of 8 mile.

Cars can park for free and Vendor space is being made available by the lot owners.   

Exhibit rates are as follows:

10x10 @ $125 per day or 10x10 @ $300 for ALL THREE DAYS

Set up time starts at 8am (Tents and Tables welcome)
For more information please contact:

Ms. Litita White - Director
Classic Car Park and Cruise Detroit
18461 W. McNichols
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 255-4300 or (313) 930-0318
Fax:  (313) 255-4301

Crusin the "D"  Cruise

Attorney Gregory Reed is sponsoring in District 2

Good Food While you Cruise:

While you are there, come and patronize one of Detroit’s best Vegan Restaurants the Golden Gate Café. This gem is serves some of the best holistic food on Woodward. The owner Dr. Bob is very friendly and a great chiropractor.  Wednesday night Drum Circles at the intersection brings the Woodward/Goldengate community together in peace and sacrament.

Sign a Petition to Legalize Marijuana in Michigan

While you are looking at cars and dining at the Golden Gate Café, please take the time to sign a petition to allow voters to decide in November 2016 to legalize the use of profits from Marijuana. Legal retail sales from the plant will fix the roads, fund the Schools, and finance public pensions at a local level.  People who are currently incarcerated for small amounts of Marijuana will be thrown out of jail, kicked off probation, and have their criminal records expunged if this becomes the law.
Signature gatherers will be at Golden Gate Café to collect signatures.  

This effort is sponsored by the MI Legalize, Activists and Democrats.  This law if passed will keep the current Marijuana Law intact and, allow for the sale of cannabis in the State of Michigan.  This is the only Marijuana petition that will truly benefit the people in regards to funding, revenue and fair treatment.  This petition DOES NOT allow use of Marijuana by under-age youth.  People who are promoting the Marijuana Responsibility Council request are telling this lie to get you to sign their petition.

Review Petition language at

Whereas the petition by the MRC is sponsored by a GOP based group in Oakland County with ties to New Jersey Gov. Chris Chrstie. Their petition attacks felons and removes growing rights of patients and caregivers. Their petition will fill the jails of Michigan with people and property being seized by law enforcement officials. On giving second chances to felons, if it is good for Martha Stewart, if it is good for elected leaders in Michigan, then any felon in Michigan deserves a second chance. 

It is time to curtail the felony hater aide laws in Lansing and get some common sense. The cement used for the jails belong in the roads filling potholes and fixing bridges in Wayne County instead of sitting at an uncompleted jail.   So stop by and make it your mission, to sign the petition.

Happy Cruise Weekend to all of you from District 2 in Detroit,
 and we hope to see you on the Avenue.

Be There!

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