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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2015 Woodward Cruise Success has Inspired Bigger Plans for 2016 from Campus Martius to Pontiac

by Richard C. Clement

A Corvette Cruiser(L) with
Gregory Reed (R)
The Office of Council Member Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr. wants to send out a big thank you to the shop owners on Woodward and, Mr. Gregory Reed of Crusin the D for organizing and implementing the events in the City of Detroit.  The people of District 2 and, the City very much appreciate Mr. Reed's effort uplift the People in The Spirit of Detroit.  We also want to thank McDonald's in Highland Park and, Mejier’s who’s sponsorship and Super Stores on Grand River Avenue and  8 Mile that have become a smashing success.

Thank You Mejiers

Woodward and Goldengate
Crusin the "D"
We want to thank Businesses like; Vendors LT Graphics & Consulting and, Vegan Golden Gate CafĂ© at the intersection of Woodward and Golden Gate that fully participated in the event by having educational sessions on Urban Gardening and what specific plants do for ailments of the body. Cilantro, and Mint Tea that can be grown in your backyard are things that people need to know about. Plants like Industrial Hemp can make products better than  E-85 fuel at a much cheaper price. 

Cruisn in Detroit Supporters
Cruise Weekend gave Automobile enthusiasts and Motor Cycle riders a chance to ride up and down Woodward Avenue from Downtown to Pontiac to pay homage and respect to the City and Region that carried the World for a long time.  It was an honor to meet Biker Bob and his Motor Cycle friends who will be teaching me how to ride a Harley Davidson Bike before Fall 2015.  There were a lot of bikers out there also showing the love for Woodward and I may be one of them in 2016. I also want to give my condolences to the people who got their cars stolen north of 8 mile. This would be a time to advocate for review of uniform Statewide Auto Insurance rates for every Michigan resident.

1964 Mustang and Owner 
In 2016 we believe that the Cruise should go from Campus Martius to Pontiac, and back.  This Cruise will highlight the progress of the City along Woodward on the M1 rail line,  People driving Automobiles, riding Motor Bikes will ride by places like;  The District Detroit,  Detroit Historical Museum, Ford Model T plant in Highland Park, Palmer Park, Golden Gate Vegan Foods, The NEW Perfecting Church, State Fair Parking lot, and beyond.

Side View
In 2016 we want a collaboration of people to use the Old State Fairgrounds Parking Lot on Woodward to view classic cars, party, or even sell used cars on the property. The bottom line is that this event is in the true Spirit of Detroit and, this issue will be brought before the full body of the City Council before the end of the year.  All permits, leases, and other essentials to have Woodward Avenue ready for the 2016 cruise will be put on the table for review.

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