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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Break Every Chain: Marc Emery's shackled ride through the Detroit/Windsor Tunnel on the way to Freedom and the Right to Vote

By Richard Clement

"Free at Last! Free at Last! Thank God almighty we free at last"   - M.L.K.

Marc & Jodie Emery
Marc Emery returned home to his wife and Canada a free man on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 @ 4:20pm EDT after serving 5 years in a US Federal Prison for selling seeds. Dressed in a T-Shirt, Shorts and, a brand new pair of Nike gym shoes, Marc was flown in shackles and chains from Louisiana to Minnesota and dropped off in Toledo where he was driven to the Detroit/Windsor tunnel.  At the Canadian border the chains and shackles were removed and, he was released to his wife at the Windsor Police Station to a cheering crowd of supporters. 

Marc's Freedom Walk
He was met at the Windsor Police Station by his wife Jodie and a crowd of international supporters with some of the best BC Bud you could get your lips on. Marc Emery gave a 1 hour interview to the press and the people regarding his time in the USA.  He was VERY complimentary of the United States and the progress made in decriminalizing Marijuana and stated the USA is farther ahead than Canada and that Canadian youth must participate in the upcoming election in 2015.  Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is about where George Bush was and, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is on Freeing the Weed.

Fresh out of Federal Prison
Marc’s message was very clear regarding the importance of participating in the political process by voting. He quoted Martin Luther King and is well read on the struggles of Malcolm X and the Civil Rights movement. He spent time in Mississippi with prisoners who were sympathetic to his plight and received thousands of letters supporting him from American citizens who are tired of being victims of a losing war on drugs. He was very adamant and insisted that voting is VERY important if people want true change in their communities.Currently, Marc is banned forever to return to the United States of America because of his “conviction”.  Marc made the point clear by inferring that “By voting and participating in the political process, laws will be changed so that employees of the people like President Obama, Gov. Snyder, Mayor Duggan and, other elected officials can sign laws and ordinances to remove prohibition on people like Marc Emery, Adam Brook and, Ryan Bashore so that they can travel to different countries without fear because of their political beliefs.”

Unity celebration on the
Ambassador Bridge at 4:20pm
Marc and Jodie emery are planning a 30 day tour through Canada to start the removal process of current Prime Minister Stephen Harper by registering and taking people to vote by 2015. In America, the current crop of Presidential Candidates for 2016 are totally weak when it comes to Marijuana decriminalization.  There is an election in Michigan on November 5, 2014 at 7am EDT with early voting starting two weeks prior to that date.  Voting Locations at Wayne County Community College East and West Campus have free parking whereas Election Central on Grand Boulevard is closer for people who are driving around downtown/midtown.

Jodie Emery is running for
Political Office in Canada
Finally I let him know that he is welcome to come to City of Detroit anytime and, gave Marc and Jodie a hug with an apology on behalf of the residents of District 2, the City of Detroit, State of Michigan and, the People of the United States of America for the pain and suffering that we put on his family because of failed drug war managed by few people with a misguided agenda.

Marc Emery was sent home like Dolemite with
 $100 and a new pair of Nikes

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