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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Restoring the Revenue: 2015 Detroit Fire Department Equipment Upgrade proposal.

By Richard Clement

"Improving Service with technology"

Obsolete "Code-Red" Laptop
Plans to upgrade Fire Department trucks will include the installation of flat screen monitors that will display information regarding the location of the fire with a backup printing system with streamlined information.  Currently firefighters have to rely on a message system that contains a tower and a printer that produces a run sheet. According to various Detroit Firefighters, the font size is hard to read at 4am, it has too much information and, important data is hard to find on the printout. The flat screen monitors would replace a non-functioning and costly Code Red system that was purchased from an outside vendor.  

Information on the screen will give firefighters directions and, other information pertinent to the issue at hand. 

Closed Laptop on Rig
The recommendation from the President Pro-Tem’s Firefighter task force is to, de-install the old equipment, place old equipment on a cart for donation, and replace with touch screen, flat screen monitors. If we can put flat screen monitors on motorcycles and, have smartphones that can display massive amounts of content,  then we can place touch screen monitors in the fire trucks and give better information at the same time. When the city gets from under the cloak of bankruptcy, this will be a priority project for improved safety and service to firefighters and the Citizens of Detroit. 

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