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Monday, August 25, 2014

Bulk Collection After Flooding

Residents may call Department of Public Works for special bulk pickup.

Bulk pickup for Detroit residents is continuing daily in the aftermath of last week's flooding and citizens are being asked to leave their items at the curb until the City's trash collection contractors or DPW crews can pick it up.

Due to the large volumes of water damaged items that continue to be set out after last week's flooding, the City contractors are running behind schedule in picking up bulk items. In the meantime, a Department of Public Works team of more than 30 workers has been done dictated to providing additional bulk pickup.

DPW Director Ron Brundidge also issued a reminder that residents should leave their bulk items at the curb until collected and will not be ticketed.

In addition, those whose bulk collection day has passed, may call the City to request a special pickup. Residents should call (313) 224-3901 to notify DPW that they will be taking flood-damaged items to the curb.

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