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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Transportation Magic on 8 Mile and Woodward creating a new neighborhood in Detroit

by Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.

By clicking on this link, you will have a documented plan for the old Michigan State Fairgrounds from the Land Bank Authority.  This presentation will give you the actual 411 for the 157 acre location in Northwest Detroit. I along with the rest of my council members want you to have the actual plan for your records. The Magic Plus LLC group is strongly committed to hiring, training, and educating Detroit residents and like-minded citizens to improve the quality of life in our city. Councilmember Cushingberry is working with State and Federal agencies to construct a new AMTRAK station as an addition to the Magic Plus effort to redevelop the land.  

Future plans include the extension of the M1 rail line to 8 mile road and, construction of an east and west connection with the development of a M102 rail line going all the way from Lake St. Clair and points west to Livonia, Novi, and Wixom. It is high time for a regional rail system and places like the State Fair property and the old Northland Shopping center will make great hubs for regional transportation. This project will create 3 to 4 times more jobs than the current Meijer/Gateway project and, bring untold revenue to the County and City. Whereas we do not support the META group’s plan for the fairgrounds because it is rife with duplication of the Magic Plus group and does not serve the best interest of the City. 

Mayor Coleman Young always felt that the best thing for the City is working at a well-paying job with the City Services to match. Now that City employees and retirees can purchase property at %50 less than others, we want to encourage the re-investment by carrying it forward. Group purchase of homes on a block and people in them working in our Schools, Firehouses, and Police Precincts will contribute to the renaissance of Detroit.

Rapid Transit on Grand River and Gratiot will enhance the region’s growth and two bridges on the Detroit River will only add to the mix. Suggesting that a passenger light rail track be built on the old or new Ambassador Bridge may be a peace offering to settle the dispute with Mr. Maroun and everyone. Connection with DDOT and, VIA is a strong possibility if the details can be worked out. In the end it is time to stop bickering and start putting shovels in the ground to create jobs and prosperity for everyone to get the job done.

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