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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Taking Democracy to the Hoop in Indiana - Peaceful Protest

by Richard Clement / The Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.

"Time for a Party with Sparty! Go State!"  - Councilmember Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr.

"Go Green!, Go White!"  - KB Stallworth

The recent actions by Lawmakers in Indiana to allow discrimination based on Sexual preference has created an opportunity to rebuke the War on Drugs.    A strong legal argument has been created for people who use cannabis as a part of their religion.   Yes discrimination is wrong and disrespectful to the person being discriminated against.  However, the law of unintended consequences has a silver lining of hope for people who want to put an end to it.

The case People of Guam vs Guerero (GSC Case #CRA99-025) upheld the right of an individual to use their religious sacrament without penalty of law. This 2000 decision by the Supreme Court of Guam affirmed the right of Benny Toves Guerrero to use cannabis as a part of his religious beliefs with the full protection of the Religious Freedom Act.   The starting paragraph from the legal brief affirms the basis of the decision:

“This is an appeal of the Superior Court's(Superior Case #CF0001-91) dismissal of an indictment upon motion of the Defendant, Benny Toves Guerrero. We find that the criminal statute at issue in this case, as applied to this Defendant, substantially infringes upon the Defendant's right to the free exercise of his religion as protected by the United States Constitution and the Organic Act of Guam. We conclude that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act may be applicable to Guam. Moreover, we hold that, even if it were not, in circumstances where a fundamental right is substantially infringed, the government must demonstrate both that the infringement is justified by a compelling interest and that it is the least restrictive means of achieving that objective. Therefore, we affirm the trial court's dismissal of the instant action.

The Citizens of the City of Detroit, State of Michigan, Michigan State University fans, Indiana Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Rastafarians, along with other organizations and believers, do not support Discrimination in any weight, shape, or form.

Fans of Michigan State University and citizens who are against selective treatment shall protest in a peaceful manner by using their religious sacrament in support of the protests against the true intent of the law to place harmful treatment of an individual or organization because of their lifestyle. Other methods include joining the 1st Church of Cannabis for a day while you are in Indianapolis, Ann Arbor, or East Lansing on Saturday April 4th for a day.  Finding a LGBT or person of a different race, culture, etc. to worship with this Saturday with their religious sacrament will send a strong message of disapproval.

The recent action by the State of Indiana affirmed the spiritual belief that good can come out of evil intent. The will of the people will prevail and with all of that farmland in Indiana, the farming community will rise up and grown industrial hemp for economic growth like Michigan. They will also wise up and make laws decriminalizing the possession and use at a State level and, prod their buddies of faith in Washington to remove it from the Controlled Substances List on the Federal level so that President Obama can sign it into law before he leaves office. 

When that happens, anyone who is in incarceration for cannabis in Indiana and the rest of America will be immediately removed from Federal, State, County, and Local institutions within 30 seconds after the act is signed into law. They must vacate the premises in one hour or be issued a ticket for loitering by a corrections officer.  This action will expunge a criminal record restoring voting rights and, will have the full effect of a Presidential Pardon.


Tim MIller said...

I for one am offended that Pastor George Cushingberry would use the holiest week in Christianity to make a mockery of deeply held religious faith by advocating to join a religious group just to be able to smoke weed.

It's insulting not just to Christians, but to every Detroiter who takes his or her faith seriously.

Please apologize for this sacrilege.

Anonymous said...

Hemp fuel at the Indy 500 would be the best thing for Indiana since Bobby Knight and Peyton Manning combined. I applaud the Councilman for his stance and insight. GOD made weed yes indeed.. Genesis 1:19 - Good Stuff on the Internet