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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Question is: Is George Cushingberry Jr. Practicing Law right now?

By The Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.

“Getting by with a little help from his friends”- John Lennon

Q: Is George Cushingberry Jr. practicing law?
A: NO.

           George Cushingberry Jr. is not practicing law at this time. He does not own the website domains as it is maintained by Friends of George Cushingberry  Jr. who always remembered the struggle that he took to get his law license.  The numerous amount of clients that he has successfully fought for and won, the community work he has performed as a lawyer, teacher, and pastor strongly outweigh the side show of ineptitude that a news network wants to portray. People who contact the websites are referred to an active lawyer/associate who can handle their case.

The U of D law professor, Larry Durbin (Fox 2 News) was right if, Mr. Cushingberry has ownership the domains. Given the fact that 98% of lawyers are not tech savvy, the probability that Mr. Cushingberry maintained the websites is extremely low. All good law firms have excellent technical consultants who bail them out when their computers crash and need help.

The appearance of Debora Goodner in the television report is a false and misleading piece of information by Fox 2 reporter ML Elrick.. 

Elrick statement:  “Cushingberry's license was suspended again this year, after Debora Goodner complained that he took her case, then blew her off.” 
DEBORA GOODNER: He says Ms. Goodner, I promise you I'm going to get that money to you soon. I never heard a word from him. “

Fact Check:

Debora Goodner was never a client of Attorney George Cushignberry Jr.  Ms. Goodner only spoke to Mr. Cushingberry twice over the phone and never retained him as an attorney.

With the current situation, Mr. Cushingberry has more time on his hands now to handle the detailed matters of the City of Detroit as the City emerges from the bankruptcy.  Regarding the pay adjustment for Detroit City Council Members, if there is any group of employees who deserve a raise it is the Detroit City Council under the leadership of President Brenda Jones. The City has elected a group of Council members who are delivering what the people want, despite their differences.

Everything is being managed in a most professional way by the council and, the communication with Mayor Duggan is excellent. City leadership is closely working together to make the City of Detroit right for its citizens, including restoring some of the cuts with claw back provisions in the pension to retirees health care costs an cost of living changes. Forcing senior citizens back to working a 5 day, 8 to 5 job after 30+ years for our city is outrageous and disrespectful. It is time to restore the promises and benefits back to our City retirees with a fair and equitable claw back. Future plans for our city include Re-developing City Airport for commercial use, and restoring neighborhoods through teamwork.

Finally, the license suspension is under appeal at this time and, Mr. Cushingberry is confident that he will have it back by the end of the year. When he gets his license back, he will not be taking cases as much because he will have to spend more time Working for you in District 2 promoting, reading, writing literacy,  math and, technology in our schools to our babies.

Please don’t feed the trolls.

Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.


John Smith said...

So ... the disbarred lawyer needs a raise? Really?

Anonymous said...

Yes he deserves a raise.. Just like L. Drunk Patterson in Oakland County

A Friend said...

I don't support racists or those hoping to use sins of the past for personal gain.

Anonymous said...

So if the case has no merit - why did you lose your license?

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that this blog is SO OBVIOUSLY written by Cushingberry, yet he spends so much time trying to pretend it's not him. He's not really very good at it. I do believe he's not technically savvy. Although I don't believe for a minute that this isn't him posting these blogs. Or at the very least, writing them and having someone else post them. Probably someone on his payroll at the city council doing it for him, wasting more tax payer money in the process.

Anonymous said...

You are not fooling anybody Mr cushingberry! Let it be known! - Good Stuff on the Internet