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Monday, June 4, 2018

Do Not Reward the Educational Achievement Authority With Your Vote

Press Release:

Education Sub Committee of 
the Committee To Elect George Cushingberry Jr.
State Senator District 2

A Vote for Adam Hollier is a Vote to return to the EAA

Electing Adam Hollier as a State Senator would be a reward and a pat on the back for supervising the dismantling of Detroit’s public schools, especially workers’ rights and health care. State Employees do not need any more abuse from the failed polices of financial mismanagement and fraud. With the assistance of Emergency Managers, the biggest Ponzi scheme ever was inflicted upon the people of Flint, Benton Harbor, Hamtramck and, retirees from public service.  

In Detroit and under the leadership of former Mayor Dave Bing, Adam Hollier supported the implementation of the Educational Achievement Authority, an organization that made the Detroit Public School System woefully inept.  During his tenure schools buildings were raffled off to the highest bidder and assets like computers and aircraft were sold to charter schools in Grand Rapids.  Student test scores were unchanged while chancellors, principals, and un-qualified teachers were forced upon students for financial gain.

Aviation Careers Lost at Benjamin O. Davis will now be Found.
and students will have job opportunities.

Despite the vociferous complaints from teachers and students, Bing and Adam Hollier managed to persuade two Detroit Democrats (Harvey Santana and John Olumba) to agree to expand the EAA by adding 50 more schools.  The result of this action is what you have now, Schools like Palmer Park Academy (The old Hampton Jr. High School) with ceilings falling in because of neglect. Cass Tech High school football scoreboard missing lights, new buildings being constructed when they were not needed and other atrocities committed against the children’s education.

George Cushingberry Jr. is responsible for the new development at Riverside Park

There is no coincidence that some of the same people and organizations endorsing Mr. Hollier’s candidacy were willing participants in the destruction of the Detroit Public Schools. Some of them are still under investigation by Federal Authorities for the damage done to young minds through financial neglect. By voting for Adam Hollier, this will be like putting Bing back in charge so that the complete destruction of Benjamin O. Davis High School for Aviation careers will be complete and, the guilty in Flint MI will be granted pardons by the Governor in the lame duck session.

We helped Sativa Detroit on 8 Mile and Santa Barbara shut down and move to Ann Arbor
10 jobs lost and a drop in sales at the Coney Island..

There is no coincidence that some of the anti-marijuana clergy in the community is endorsing Hollier’s candidacy. Their only job was to help businesses open up in the suburbs.  Business entities outside of Detroit used these people, fake news of crime and, the 80 year old myth on marijuana to create jobs at the expense of City residents.  Combined with the poor transit system that is currently in place and, the missing revenue from payroll, rent, and taxes, cost Detroit $3 million dollars and counting, by seconds.

To fix this mess, on June 22, 2018 until Nov 6th, 2018 mark your absentee ballot for George Cushingberry Jr. State Senator District 2 TWICE!  One vote to fill the partial term and, one vote to fill the 4 year term.

When you complete your vote, you will know that on August 8th, the people in District 2 will have a voice in Lansing. George stands for jobs, justice, and equal opportunity for all who want and desire to improve the quality of life. We must finish the job of creating a new aviation education complex with firefighter training facilities by a new aviation division of the Detroit Fire Department. The concept of a statewide flat rate auto insurance will be an action plan on the day he accepts the job.  You should not have to park your car in Ohio to get a better insurance rate.

George Cushingberry Jr feels that we must remain committed to improving literacy in our community. This commitment must include the restoration of the cuts to education at all levels. Support Teachers Everyday!!!

The time is now, register and vote, all day long.

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