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Friday, June 29, 2018

Sexual Harassment Is Gender Neutral Hyper-Political Warfare In 2018

Press Release: 
The Committee To Elect George Cushingberry Jr State Senator District 2

The charges made by Ms. Wiley are an attempt to use the Sexual Harassment / #MeToo movement to shake down the Citizens of Detroit and, to derail the efforts of George Cushingberry Jr to become the next State Senator in District 2. As she has done before with the City Council primary election of August 2017, she is working as a political operative for other candidates on the ballot. Her only purpose now is to distract the voters enough to elect a candidate, who will maintain the status quo and, forced to resign, leaving the residents of District 2 without any representation again. 

Cleo W. Hale and Former City Council President Pro Tempore George Cushingberry Jr.

We believe wholeheartedly that the accusations are false and misleading for individual financial gain. We also agree with the City law department regarding Ms. Wiley's employment because before during and after the Florida trip, she has continually contacted potential suitors developing a close relationship with some of them within the state. 

Employees who have worked for George Cushingberry know that he is un-bought, un-bossed and, not for sale. Given the scrutiny of working for the public, transparency is a moral tenant and, a rule of doing business in public and private.

Kanye Was Right!  Don't matter if you are Black or White

While serving as the Council President Pro Tempore and, chairman of the Budget, Finance, and Audit committee, one of the things that was put in place was a law department to protect the people from frivolous lawsuits. Frequent lawsuit filers are a drain on budgets public and private and, divert precious resources away from needs such as employee health care costs and, creating jobs. 

It is our strong opinion that after all of the facts are examined, the best interests of the taxpayers in the City of Detroit will be upheld by the US District Court and, the case dismissed.

Sending George Cushingberry back to Lansing as a State Senator guarantees that when he gets there, he will work on:
  • Getting Michiganders common sense auto insurance rates
  • Public Education revitalization through a policy of stressing literacy and training opportunities for youth in aviation careers and skilled trades.
  • A revitalized Detroit City Airport with general and commercial air service bringing needed revenue to the City.
  • Re-balancing the State Budget to increase funding of Mental Health facilities, public education, and decreasing the Corrections budget through the expunging of low level drug crimes 
  • Curtailing abuse of Opioids, prescription drugs and other mood altering medicine sold by pharmacies for profit.

Show up and Vote all Summer Long from now until August 7th, and again on November 6th, 2018 and lets get it right this time!!

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