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Monday, November 27, 2017

Detroit Votes YES to Opt Into Marijuana Industry Growth and NO to Voter Fraud Attempt by City Planning Commission

Richard C. Clement - Marijuana Policy Analyst and Legislative Aide to Council President ProTem George Cushingberry Jr.

The citizens of Detroit are very grateful to Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr, Corporate Counsel Butch Hollowell, and Mayor Mike Duggan for choosing NOT to pursue a legal challenge to the voters on Medical Marijuana Proposals A and B. This move will save the taxpayers of Detroit millions in legal fees and create additional revenue that can help defray health care costs for City Retirees. The request to invalidate the election results from the City Planning Commission amounted to blatant voter fraud and, was a slap in the face of the electorate whom 60% of them voted in favor of opting into State Marijuana Laws.  The language cannot be changed for at least 365 days after being certified by the Wayne County Clerk's office which was on November 21st, 2017.

Yes, we can all get along because the people have spoken that they enjoy tokin..
Councilmember James Tate's argument to invalidate the vote was deemed invalid because "the process" was decided by Judge Robert Colombo, who ordered that the issue be placed on the November ballot. That WAS the City of Detroit Elections Bureau's opportunity for a legal challenge and, it was clearly answered by the Judge. Furthermore, the 8 to 1 decision by the Detroit City Council to invalidate the results of the voters in Detroit stresses the need for the return of teaching Civics in K-12 education. We have way too many people saying that votes do not count and, this is a prime example of bad behavior by the City Planning Commission, reinforcing negative stereotypes to children about government.

Website: Council President Pro Tempore George Cushingberry Jr explains his objection to the Planning Commission's attempt to cancel out the votes of Detroit residents on Marijuana management in the City.

We must continue to tell our citizens that your votes DO count when you show up at the polls. We already have examples of the work by Emergency Managers that were selected, not elected by the majority of the people.

On your 2018 ballot decriminalization of Marijuana in 2018 is a strong possibility if you show up at the ballot box. You will have the choice of Voting on regulating Marijuana like Alcohol. With regulation comes the oversight needed to prevent unfair business practices. The process must be inclusive of all Michigan citizens regardless of who you are and your background like any other business. 

Detroit City Airport/Tuskegee Airman Project Leaders

Going forward, we want to know where are all of those Marijuana hating pastors are when the children of Davis Aerospace needed their runway paved with new asphalt to help them in their aviation careers? Better yet, where are all them when people like Creflo Dollar and his $65 million dollar jet when he comes to Detroit to visit?  When an African American investor wanted to bring his airline to Detroit and invest his own money into the facility, the noise from this group in support sounded like crickets. There are real battles to be fought for in the growth of Detroit, and commercial Air Service at City Airport is one of them that will create jobs and opportunity for everyone.  We must refocus the energy of the clergy to remove the head in the sand attitude on change and, fight along with elected leaders to eliminate the outrageous insurance rates that are detrimental to the growth of our City.  

This policy must be changed in Lansing MI and, George Cushingberry Jr has the knowledge, experience, and demonstrated ability to get the job done, especially in Senate District 2 in 2018. Some of the things he has already accomplished are, improving the City finances with 4 straight years of balanced budgets, raising reading literacy in Detroit Public Schools by reading to Children, streamlining City of Detroit technology and, promoting job opportunities at the Northwest Activities Center for anyone who is in need of a job.

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