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Friday, December 8, 2017

Mayor Mike Duggan Says Hell NO to Voter Fraud Attempts / Supports the Will and Vote of The People on Marijuana

By Richard C. Clement - Marijuana Policy Analyst and Legislative Aide to Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr.

Two new lawsuits have been filed in Wayne County Circuit Court by special interest groups to stop the implementation and enforcement of the November 7th ballot initiatives on Medical Marijuana.  The ordinances were approved by a 2 to 1 margin (60% to 40%) by the voters in the City of Detroit. Now a Marijuana business owner and two community group members want to order a Circuit Court Judge to ignore the election results based on a vague interpretation of the State Zoning Enabling Act. This matter was decided before November 7th when Judge Robert Colombo ordered that the question be placed on the ballot for the people to decide over the objections of the Detroit Election Commission.

The Voters Have Spoken, that they want to keep tokin!

The most egregious case was filed on December 7th, by VK Real Estate Holdings and the owners at 12800 E. Eight Mile Road Detroit MI (Case# 17-017221-AW) for $215.00. They are requesting that a judge issue a temporary restraining order against the City of Detroit to prevent the enforcement of the law. The next case was filed by our old friends Marcus Cummings and Deborah Omokehinde who filed their complaint on the same day for $175.00(Case#17-017320-CZ). They are a part of the Winfred Blackmon coalition of neighborhood groups that want to stop a potential billion dollar industry because of empty or non-existent Churches and, bogus day care centers set up by unscrupulous business owners to prevent competition instead sharing revenue to improve the quality of life for Detroit citizens including all Michiganders.

Mayor Mike Duggan and Corporation Counsel Attorney Melvin “Butch” Hollowell have clearly stated that they will not be pursue or support any legal action to throw out the votes of the people. Mayor Duggan does not want to be a co-conspirator in legislative Voter Fraud against the Citizens. Both of these gentlemen have strongly advised the Detroit City Council to cease and desist all attempts to disrespect and nullify the election results on November 7th.  The status of the current Marijuana is that it was fully repealed, rejected, and cannot be re-implemented by leadership for 365 after being certified by the Wayne County Clerk because the Detroit City Charter will not allow it.

The Mayor and Corporation Council leadership respects the choice of the people with their vote.  Detroit Voters continually display their knowledge, skill, and ability to comprehend and cast their vote on an issue of their choice. The people spoke loudly and clearly that they wanted to Opt Into the State of Michigan Medical Marijuana law and, address the issue of Zoning. This decision means that Detroit Police officers will not stop or arrest you for possessing Marijuana and, the re-installation of Drive Through service for patients in need. Finally there is no rule preventing Drive Through Service for example because the vote repealed all of the old Zoning requirements.  

After all, Marijuana is safer than some of the big pharmaceutical  junk being given out at the drive through businesses of Wallgreens and #CVS drive through pharmacies. 

Thank you Mayor Mike Duggan for respecting the vote of the Detroit Electorate!.

Votes DO count! Especially in 2018.


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