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Monday, May 15, 2017

Native Detroit Marijuana Business Owners File Federal Lawsuit For Inclusion

By Richard C. Clement - Marijuana Policy Analyst

The Sons of Hemp, an African American group of Marijuana Business Owners has re-filed a Federal three count lawsuit against the City of Detroit regarding the uneven enforcement of the Detroit Marijuana Zoning Ordinance and the impact upon native Detroiters owning businesses.  

The 3 counts are as follows:  
Count 1 – Racketeering under existing RICO laws
Count 2 – Selective Enforcement with Bias based on Race
Count 3 – Due process 

The larger picture is the structure of the ordinance as written. Bizarre interpretations of rules based on religion for example, are in conflict with the 1st Amendment and given too much leeway in decision making by the Board of Zoning Appeals. There are some religious institutions owned by the Detroit Land Bank that are given preference over Marijuana Care centers even though the church itself has done absolutely nothing for the community.

Detroit at Night

For any other business in Detroit, people who live within 300ft of a proposed property have the legal right to file a letter of objection or support. For marijuana businesses testimony is being taken from people who live as far as 10 miles away from the distance of the facility and, their objections are given favor over people who live within the 300ft distance.

There is also empirical evidence showing that there are outside interests from other states and countries paying off elected officials and neighborhood groups to create an artificial cap on the number of facilities they want to see in the Detroit area. 

Another glaring example of racism in the marijuana industry was the drive through service provided by Natures Choice on Grand River Avenue. They were forced to shut down while, Caucasian owned business in Colorado claim to be the first drive through dispensary in the United States of America as reported by NBC News. With US Attorney General Jeff "KKK" Sessions in charge, the days of shooting people for pot may return soon, just like Tom and Rollie at the Rainbow Farms camp in 2001.  The new face of prohibition wants to return to the good old days of mandatory minimums, and filling the jails with non-violent pot users again. 
Website: Rainbow Farms Memorial - Vandalia MI 
Website: 2012 Detroit Proposal M - Marijuana Decrim  Yes 65%   No 35%
Case Informaition

US District Court Judge Avery Cohen 
United States District Court
Eastern District of Michigan
Case# 2:17-CV-11093
Sons of Hemp v City Of Detroit

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