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Monday, April 24, 2017

Commercial Air Service At Detroit City Airport May Be Closer to Becoming A Reality At KDET

By Richard C. Clement
Legislative Aide to Council President Pro Tempore George Cushingberry Jr.

The recent plans advertised to shut down Detroit City Airport has created a world-wide uproar in the aviation industry. Now a grown up, former Johnson Center, 8 Mile Road youth and resident wants to give back to his home town by bringing commercial air service back to Detroit City Airport. Marcus K Channey CEO Metro Airways has a plan to install Commercial Air Service at the Airport by November 2017. As a result of the hearing conducted by the City Council's Budget/Audit and Finance committee, some good things have happened. 
Website: Metro Airways

He has guaranteed that %2.5 of revenue generated by his airline will be reinvested into the City in the form of improved infrastructure like recreation centers and aviation education. The Benjamin O Davis high school will become a feeder program for the Airline to hire pilots and mechanics for lucrative careers.

Metro Airlines 
The airport has drawn interest from international carriers like Al Qatar, Virgin Atlantic, and Southwest that want to have an alternative choice and provide additional service to the tri-county region. The relocation of 5 professional sports teams in the City Limits will substantially increase the value of this land. Team owners and Very High Ranking Government Officials have already made City Airport the place to be because of the close proximity to the stadiums and downtown. The plan to reconfigure the Airport with an additional runway has the support of many aviation professionals and Team Owner Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans.

Richard Clement and Dan Gilbert Discuss City Airport 

City residents will not have to drive so far to catch a flight, airlines will not have to overbook flights and forcefully drag people off of their aircraft because of their draconian policies. A joint project with developers like Magic/Redico LLC, and Rock Ventures would include assistance in building a new Benjamin O Davis High School.  Less that 2% of all people who participate in sports ever make it to the professional level from high school. Students would have a better chance of getting an S.T.E.M. career job then trying to be the next BeyoncĂ© or LeBron James.

New Runway  33L/15R in RED 

People who can afford to fly into Detroit on corporate jets do not need to be run out of town with a shuttered airport.  The new aircraft engines and technology has enabled pilots to fly non-stop from places as far as France on a single tank of gas. The airport’s current configuration will allow for passenger planes that can carry up to 130 people to come and go as they please.  

According to Mr. Cheney Detroit City Airport is a Public Use Airport and a FEMA designated facility in case of an emergency. In addition State and Local law enforcement frequently use the airport because of the public use designation.  The upgrades to the airport will cost the City of Detroit zero dollars because all of the funding is restricted FAA funds.  Finally the biggest beneficiary of the Airport will be the Detroit Public School Community School District and the children who want to study aviation as a career.   

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