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Thursday, April 20, 2017

City Airport is an Asset to the City of Detroit As A Working Airport

Position Statement
We have over 17,000 empty buildings in the city and, we do not need to build new ones on the grounds of the facility. The article written by Daniel Howes of the Detroit News (DN Article Link) is totally incorrect and if allowed to proceed will create even more blight in the city.  We are looking into busing students from adjoining districts to Benjamin O. Davis HS to learn how to fly instead of closing more schools.
Detroit City Airport  Live Air Traffic Tracking from

High Priority Customers of Detroit City Airport
Rayethon Python 1 - Twin Engine Jet 

Commercial Air Service can be started within 3 months from the date on this newsletter with a small effort and minimal money. We will make more money when we lease out our City Information Technology services to Delta Airlines to improve their computing services. If you support Detroit youth to attain aviation careers, then support the Council on Re-Vitalizing Detroit City Airport.

What Does it Take to Make A Great City?
Re-opening Detroit City Airport to Commercial Air Service

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