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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What Does it Take to Make a Better City? Careers in Aviation and Rail Transportation with an expanded City Airport

by Richard Clement

Juliet and George at the MGM Grand
The first project is to expand the people mover to places like the Motor City Casino, MGM Casino, and the District Detroit/Red Wings Stadium. While the M1 rail is a great idea that we hope will prosper, the long forgotten Detroit People Mover is something that is already there in place. With a minimal amount of effort and construction, it has the potential of being something of a real mover of people to distant places in Detroit. Additional stops at the MGM Grand and Motor City Casino Hotel will increase the usage and functionality of the rail line. The construction unions will appreciate the work and the people will appreciate the effort to make getting around the city much easier.

The Mt Elliot Employment District is a project will create jobs and return an investment into the City. The project will enhance the business climate by allowing the expansion a business corridor along Van Dyke and Mt Elliot. It will allow Detroit City Airport to grow with new and longer runways that will miss the cemetery's and allow for the re-opening of McNichols to traffic. Another benefit of this effort is the re-establishment of Davis Aerospace High School back at the airport grounds.

By relocating Davis Aerospace High School on the Airport Grounds, the Detroit Public School system will be a national leader providing the nation with certified pilots and mechanics that will be the new Tuskegee Airmen of the future.  This school is extremely vital in the growth of the City because it will train students for careers in aviation and commercial airline service..  Students from Detroit and surrounding areas will be given an opportunity to get a career in Aviation and fly to bigger and better with an education and a skill.

Currently the City of Detroit owns much of the land around the Airport Property. This property can be used to expand the use of the airport by creating two longer runways so that passenger carrying airlines can use it. Major airline companies like Delta ( and Qatar ( can provide a regional hub that will compliment Metro Airport with their high volume operation.  Detroit City Airport will rival Chicago’s Midway Airport and Bishop Airport in Flint with direct flights to  places like Havana Cuba, Dallas, New York, Chicago, Toronto CA, Vancouver CA, or any City within a 3000 nautical mile radius of the runways.

The Mt Elliot Employment District project will increase the value of property on Detroit’s east side and create satellite business in and around the expanded airport.  Parts suppliers, Cargo and Car rental places are example of some of the supplier business types that will be created with this public works project. If you would like to see this happen then business and community leaders must agree to pursue this endeavor.  People need jobs and this is one way to create them by doing a project that is for the good of the people instead of letting land stay idle and non-income producing.  

To make a better city you have to make something happen by organizing with leaders in Washington, Lansing, Wayne County, and  Detroit to support this public works project that will create jobs and opportunity for Detroit residents who want to work, earn, and learn.

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