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Friday, May 26, 2017

2017 City Council Candidate Review For District 2 - Truth to Power and Experience

By The Friends Of George Cushingberry Jr.

Source: Independent Street Research Group

After independent review of the candidates credentials and performace at a recent candidates forum, these are the findings of the group. The debate was sponsored by the United Precinct Delegates of Detroit and Michigan. These are bare bones results given to each candidate running for the District 2 seat on Detroit City Council.

Candidate Name

Linda D. Bernard

George Cushingberry
Respected by his colleagues, George Cushingberry has a long history and track record of serving the people’s interests and getting things done.

George Cushingberry has deep roots and committed to education with a campaign of financial, legal and spiritual literacy. His specialty is finance, budget management, and oversight. He is very adamant about this and has called out many a department for not having their papers in order. He also compliments departments and businesses that practice transparency in financial management policies. Frequently visits K-!2 schools reading to children and donated his City Issued Vehicle to the Police Department for their use.  

The plan is on track to remove State of Michigan oversight and reverse the damage of Emergency Management in City Government. Cushingberry is a consultant to the Detroit Public School District School Board to move Davis Aerospace back to airport grounds, reversing a horrendous decision of Emergency Roy Roberts to strip certifications and the attempt to dissolve the Tuskegee Airmen program.

Mr. Cushingberry is responsible for the upgrade and overhaul of City Technology. Departments that were running Windows 3.1 and software for the Fire Department was drastically overhauled with the help of fellow councilmembers and the Information Technology staff under the leadership of Chief Information Officer Beth Niblock.

Mr. Cushingberry is a strong advocate for the Department of Recreation regarding the future of the City with recreation centers. He is currently listening and working with ALL stakeholders to develop a fair and inclusive Marijuana Ordinance that will serve the needs of the people and benefit the entire community. The new marijuana ordinance will be in compliance with State law.  The ordinance seeks to address concern of residents that the Marijuana Industry be more than just be a bunch of African American consumers with no reinvestment back into the community.

Statewide effects of a local ordinance will allow agriculturalists to grow and manufacture products ranging from home construction materials, road concrete, and other products made from the male plant.

Four years ago, certain news media outlets lambasted the choice of Brenda Jones as Council President and George Cushingberry Jr as President Pro Tempore. Four years later, these people were completely wrong. So much has been accomplished and the oversight to keep things right are in place.  Now is not the time to experiment with others who talk the talk and get exposed during the walk. After further review of the facts, Jones and Cush, have led the push, for a better and brighter Detroit.

On or Before August 8th cast your vote for the best candidate! George Cushingberry Jr.  Detroit City Council District 2.

Roy McCalister

Helena Scott

Virgil Smith
Endorsed and Supported by American Conservative Union for his service as a State Senator in 2015 for voting YES on: Fracking in neighborhoods (SB 591), weakening teachers unions with substitute teachers, and supporting the revocation of prevailing wage laws for workers (HB 4163, Senate Bills 3, 491, and 571) in the 2015 legislative session.

Irresponsible and cannot be trusted

Source Website American Conservative Union
Tyra Dear Williams

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