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Monday, April 18, 2016

The 2016 American Election. The Life of Marc Emery, Canada's Prince of Pot Shares his Life Story in America's Drug War

By Richard C. Clement -  Marijuana Policy Analyst

Who is Marc Emery and why is his struggle is important to you as a Voter in 2016.

Mr. and Mrs.
Marc Emery
Marc Emery is a Canadian Citizen and a marijuana activist from Vancouver British Columbia. He was labeled a criminal and ranked as a major terrorist by Attorney General Alberto “I love to Waterboard Weedheads” Gonzales who was appointed by the George W. Bush Administration. His crime was shipping Marijuana seeds around the world including the United States of America. In 2009 and at the request of the United States, Marc was extradited and arrested from his home to spend five years in a Federal correctional facility in Mississippi. While he was in jail, another man by the name of Irving Rosenfeld from Florida was and still is getting the equivalent of 2 free ounces a month grown in the same state grown for his personal use. Mr. Rosenfeld is the ONLY person in the USA who can legally use Marijuana in all 50 states without criminal penalty and, has smoked over 115,000 joints all supplied by the United States of America at the University of Mississippi in Oxford MS.

August 12, 2014
Marc Emery spent 4 years in federal prison and earned 235 days of good conduct credit and was released on August 12th, 2014 at 4:00pm.  When international prisoners get released, they are sent back home to the closest city to where they lived.  In Marc Emery’s case, he was kicked out of the USA via Windsor Canada and dumped off at the tunnel entrance in handcuffs in a T-shirt, Shorts, a new pair of Nike sneakers, and $150 in US currency. The intent was to make him suffer and walk back to Vancouver British Colombia on Canada’s west coast. In other words he got kicked out of the country like Dolomite except he did not get the damn good meal.
Marc's Final Blog as a Drug War Prisoner in America

Weed Warrior and Mrs. Jodie Emery
When America had people like Harry Ainslinger conducting a racist drug war against black people in 1932, Canada had whackos like Prime Ministers Stephen Harper, William Lyon Mackenzie King and, author Emily Murphy who published a book in 1922 that started the ball rolling against marijuana. She created the current situation in Canada regarding the plant (CBC Canada Report on Why Weed was Made Illegal). To this date Canada has NO IDEA WHY Marijuana was made illegal in the first place. There were no seizures in Canada until they linked up with the American Mr. Anslinger who hated African Americans like Billie Holiday with a feverous passion while praising Judy Garland even though they both used heroin.

Mark Scott Emery
Why does Marc Emery’s life story matter to Americans?  It is what he did AFTER he was released. Mr. Emery carried no bitterness toward his captors and was very complimentary to them when he was released. However, he vowed to register one million Canadian Citizens to vote and to campaign against Prime Minister Stephen Harper who sent him to the dogs in America.  On October 19th   2015, his efforts paid off with the election of Justin Tredeau as the new prime minister of Canada.  Mr. Tredeau has vowed to legalize Marijuana in Canada at a Federal Level.  This is a game changer on many levels and one day you may be able to cross the border with your medicine just like you do with Vicodin, OxyContin, and aspirin. The revenue from Cannabis may help the United States to pay off the loan for the Gordie Howe Bridge from Canada earlier than 30 years on tolls. That is important to Detroiters and Americans who support the reform of marijuana laws.  

This year do not take the power of your vote lightly because you will have a list of people who are running for elected office in the Michigan August 2nd, primary. Take note of who is running for Judge and the Michigan House of Representatives in Lansing. 

You have the power in your hands to shape the future of your City, State, and Nation when it comes to Marijuana policy with your vote. Please make sure to start from the back of the ballot and work your way to the front. This is a guaranteed way to make sure you are electing Judges who support and think like you. No one should go to jail for a plant and it is time to turn up the turnout and vote early and by absentee.  No Detroit based Marijuana business should be subjected to a Drug Free Zone restriction in another municipality like Dearborn or in Counties like Oakland and Macomb. No Pastor, Reverend or Drug Free Zone School in Oakland or Macomb County on 8 mile, especially in Royal Oak Township should be dictating ANYTHING to someone in Detroit regarding a marijuana business. Wayne County has its own set of rules and a county executive, prosecutor, and Sherriff that is doing a good job.

So stay tuned and look for the official 420 slate of potential candidates who will support laws in Detroit, Michigan, and America because, we want progressive non-partisans, republicans and democrats who want to end the War on Weed.

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