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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Detroit's Marijuana Ordinance Placed on Hold until April 13th, 2016

By Richard C. Clement
      Marijuana Policy Analyst

On Friday April 1st 2016, Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Daphnie Means Curtis signed a Temporary Restraining Order requested by Citizens for Sensible Cannabis Reform (CSCR), halting the implementation of Ordinances to Zone and Licenses Medical Marijuana Care Centers in the City of Detroit until April 13th at 8:30am.  The granting of this order means that both ordinances are suspended and cannot be enforced on ANY facility within the City of Detroit.  Building Safety (BSEED), Detroit Police and Fire Departments are prohibited from taking any adverse action based on any ordinance violation.  While City officials have been very courteous, MMCC Owners are directed to record any badge number of any City Official that stops by during this time period to enforce this ordinance.

At issue is the development of an ordinance without the true input of the owners of Medical Marijuana Caregiver Centers.  MMCC businesses on Woodward Avenue are doing better than the Palmer Park Golf Course and the empty Perfecting Church on Woodward and Seven Mile combined. If citizens can go to a Walgreens and, CVS drive through to get their medicine, then equal opportunity shall be afforded to MMCC businesses also. The State of Colorado has made over 1 billion dollars revenue from the Marijuana industry with half of the population of Michigan.  

This is a large amount of money that cannot be ignored, especially for a City that needs all the help we can get. Therefore CSCR feels that the citizens should decide this issue at the ballot box on August 2nd, 2016.  

This will allow all stakeholders to develop a sensible ordinance that will be acceptable to all and, contribute to the quality of life in a truly democratic process.

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