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Friday, December 12, 2014

Marijuana Provisioning Centers and Industrial Hemp progress for 2015 in the 2014 Lame Duck Session.

By Richard C. Clement

"Will the Weed truly be Freed?"  -
A Detroit Resident with a vision at the Northwest Activities Center

The possible adoption into law of House Bills 427151045439, and 5440 will create green jobs in the State of Michigan with Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp. House Bills 4271 and 5104 to authorize Provisioning Centers and Safe Testing Facilities for Medical Marijuana in the State of Michigan will create jobs and revenue for cash starved cities.  These bills have sparked an effort by the Detroit City Council led by Council member James Tate, Detroit Legislative Policy Division and, Building Safety and Engineering to develop a city ordinance to address the growth and management of these places of business.   

We are hoping that fees are reasonable for these licenses and that people are safe in these places of business.  Just like any other business, code compliance with the Detroit Fire Marshall regarding exits and extinguishers are a must.  For places that have growing operations the city wants the electricity to be code compliant, meaning that there will be opportunities for electricians to keep places safe from burning down because of an electrical fire.

Concerns for law enforcement are a valid government id and keeping the peace therefore, the long delayed picture on the Medical Marijuana card must be addressed in Lansing. People who have Facebook and Twitter accounts and; have a Michigan Drivers License cannot use the excuse that a picture on a card gives Government too much information.

Saying No to Jim and Jane Crow!
We also would appreciate that opportunities will be diverse and include people of all racial, ethnic, gender, and other backgrounds to have an equal chance to participate in the business end instead of being a statistic in the legal system. 

Educational Opportunities
Schools that participate in agriculture education would be encouraged to thrive in Michigan. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are skills that can be developed by investing in growing and manufacturing projects.

Grow in Detroit!
House Bills 5439 and 5440 will authorize agriculture resources to grow and manufacture products from Industrial Hemp which is the male cannabis plant. The male plant is a non-intoxicant version of the Marijuana plant. Michigan farmers and agriculture concerns will be able to grow this plant for products like paper, fuel, auto body parts and many other things. When prosperity from green jobs takes effect, it will be because of people like Everett Swift of the Michigan Industrial Hemp Education and Marketing Project,, and Stephen Sharpe, esteemed board member of the Michigan Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana laws These two men are responsible for working with Michigan’s agricultural community to make Industrial Hemp use a reality in Michigan.

In order to get these bills enacted we must pass our differences across party lines. From now until next Friday, you must call and email bomb the Michigan Legislature at about passing these bills to Gov. Rick Snyder for his signature into law. 

In your email please copy and paste this line into the Subject of your email:

HB4271, 5104, 5439, 5440 (Support)

Send your concerns about the situation, then Fire up a Republican in Lansing by phone 
Contact information Republican Representatives --House  
John Bumstead (R-Newaygo)                 517-373-7317
Hugh D Crawford(R-Novi)                     517-373-0827
Anthony G. Forlini (R-Harrison Twp.)           517-373-0113
Frank Foster (R-Pellston)                     517-373-2629
Bob Genetski (R-Saugatuck)                 517-373-0836
Ken Goike (R-Ray Township)                 517-373-0820
Gail Haines (R-Waterford)                     517-373-0615
Martin Howrylak (R-Troy)                     517-373-1783
Bradford C. Jacobsen (R-Oxford)                 517-373-1798
Klint Kesto (R-Commerce Twp.)                 517-373-1799
Matt Lori (R-Constantine)                     517-373-0832
Michael D. McCready (R-Birmingham)            517-373-8670
Tom McMillin (R-Rochester Hills)            517-373-1773
Paul Muxlow (R-Brown City)                517-373-0835
Dave Pagel (R-Berrien Springs)                517-373-1796
Peter Pettalia (R-Presque Isle)                517-373-0833
Amanda Price (R-Holland)                517-373-0838
Al Pscholka (R-Stevensville)                517-373-1403
Bruce R. Rendon (R-Lake City)                517-373-3817
Wayne A. Schmidt (R-Traverse City)            517-373-1766
Robert Verheulen (R-Walker)                517-373-8900
Ken Yonker (R-Caledonia)                    517-373-0840

Time is of the essence!

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