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Monday, December 8, 2014

URGENT! 12/14 12/15 Deadlines for Health Care, FEMA and SBA Help coming quick!

By Richard C. Clement

You have until Sunday December 14th, 2014 to sign up for FEMA and SBA help and,  Monday December 15th to sign up for health insurance as required by the Affordable Care Act. 

Don’t delay, act today!  Sign up Now at

If you have an emergency condition, no hospital can turn you away. Any medical facility that denies you emergency health care because you don’t have the “right” insurance may be prosecuted for civil and criminal penalties. Your monthly premium may be as low as .08 a month based on your income.

You may shop around for a better plan than what you have now if you are an existing participant.
Greater Christ Baptist Church will be giving assistance in enrolling people for health care coverage

For more information please contact
GBC (313)924-6900 or Jamie 3138203285

Urgent Message from SBA Office of Disaster Assistance
The SBA Office of Disaster Assistance stands ready to assist those Southeast Michigan residents and business owners that have sustained damage from the severe storms and flooding that occurred between August 11 and 13 of this year. Although many business have indicated a need for assistance, very few have returned their applications.

At the close of business on October 22, 2014 the SBA has approved $23,084,800 for homeowners, renters and businesses in the State of Michigan with $5,537,600 approved in the City of Detroit. However there is much more that we can do.
Please join us in urging those with damage to submit their SBA Disaster Loan Applications as soon as possible and before the deadline of December 14th, 2014.
For questions please contact
Michael B. Peacock
Public Affairs Specialist
US Small Business Administration
101 Marietta Street NW Suite 700
Atlanta, GA 30303-2725
Phone: 404-606-1988
Federal Disaster Loans for Homeowners Renters, and Business of All Sizes

Flood Victim News
The deadline for applying for disaster relief from FEMA is
Sunday, December 14th, 2014 @  5:00pm
The Governor’s office has declared
Detroit a disaster area on Sept 25th
Click Here for FEMA Flood Disaster Help 
Property Owners may qualify for loans up to $200,000
Renters and Landlords for loans up to $40,000

Citizens may qualify for Small Business loan or $32,400 in financial assistance

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