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Monday, May 7, 2018

Make It Nice, Vote For Cush TWICE! State Senate District 2

Declaration of Intent to Run for State Senate District 2,  
by The Committee to Elect George Cushingberry Jr.

He’s keeping it brief,
He’s keeping it short.
He cannot represent anyone in court.
As a working attorney he is a sight unseen,
From a one year suspension in 2015.

So he chose a mission to keep minds free,
By being an advocate for reading literacy.
Working with teachers and, part time preaching,
George has expanded the minds of the children he is reaching.

Keep the Mind Free With Reading Literacy!

George will not steal,
George will not rob.
George will encourage anyone to get education, training, and a job.

George serves to love and, serves to inspire.
ALL public employees, especially Teachers, Police and Fire.

To all haters past, present, and future, please take this hint.
There will be change in Lansing for the people, especially in Flint!

Starting June 22nd 2018, I need all of you.
To Elect George Cushingberry Jr. State Senator.
For the people in District 2.

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