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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Forgive The Lame Duck! Vote in the August 2018 Primary Election

By Richard C. Clement 
Precinct Delegate 92 - Democrat

If you support change in Lansing and, want to protect your vote from being ripped off, you must  show up and vote in the August 7th,  primary election starting June 22nd, 2018, at the Detroit Elections Bureau on 2978 Grand Boulevard Detroit MI 48202.  When you vote in the Michigan August Primary, you are voting to prevent a Lame Duck from changing the Laws in Lansing this December after you vote in November.  From the illegally enacted Marijuana moratorium in the City of Detroit, to the announced intent of Michigan State Senator Rick Jones and his friends to undo all Marijuana legalization in the December lame duck session, you must show up and vote!

The Chairman
House Appropriations Committiee 2008-2010

Vote for candidates who have your best interests at heart and share your values. Don’t be confused by watching Fox News or any other troll outfit that manufactures news from false statements and innuendo.  Voters, please take the time to look at each candidate’s history on issues like, improving reading literacy, crime reduction, Marijuana reform, financial justice for state employees, and where they want to invest your tax money.  This includes the oversight and management of the funds against measured goals specified by law. 

By voting in the primary election, you will prevent the establishment of another Emergency Manager policy that has done so well for the State of Michigan these last 8 years. Just look at the examples of their fine work statewide, especially in Flint and the Detroit Public Schools. 

Reverse the Criminal Neglect to our Youth and City

By electing a warrior like George Cushingberry Jr as your State Senator in District 2, Emergency Managers like Roy Roberts and others will brought before hearings to explain why he shut down Benjamin O. Davis High School to transfer the FCC and FAA certification programs to the West Michigan Aviation academy in Grand Rapids Michigan injuring the educational opportunities for Muslim, Black and Latino children to study aviation as a career. 

Allowing vultures for profit to pick winners and losers out of our children’s education is an in-excusable, criminal act upon our youth. We want and demand restitution from the spot of the oppression by re-investing into teachers and students.

Elect Dana Nessel - Michigan Attorney General

Furthermore, when you vote for Dana Nessel as your next Michigan Attorney General, you will allow her office to file criminal charges against all of these Emergency Managers so that the healing can begin. Healing will include the immediate transfer of state employee defined contributions to employee defined benefits. By doing this for current employees in state and local governments, monies are protected from the unpredictability of the stock markets going up and down. Restoration and respect for the State Constitution will allow a revamped Attorney General’s office to expunge all marijuana crimes for all Michigan citizens.

Vote early and get it done before you go on vacation for the summer, going away to school, or other reasons you have for not being in town.  Do not let anyone tell you that your vote does not count because they are wrong! Your vote in the August primary will help stop voter suppression in advance. Therefore please take the time to vote because your future depends on it.

From June 22nd until November 6th, 2018 7:59:59pm.

Forgive the Lame Duck in Advance! Vote Now!



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