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Monday, November 7, 2016

Our Message to Voters 2016 - Do It For Mrs. Boynton-Robinson

By Richard C. Clement

Amelia Boynton Robinson after getting a left hook to the
face for trying to vote in Selma AL 
If you are reading this before 8:00pm Nov 8th, 2016 and voted, thank you!  We hope you selected candidates for judge, school board, proposals, Federal, State, and local officials.  We want you to start from the back to the front with the Judges first, then save the best for last by voting straight Democratic. In the Michigan Supreme Court there is Judge Deborah Thomas and Frank Szymanski who will stop the 5-2 imbalance of Gov. Snyder Appointees to the Judiciary by making it a 4-3 majority.

It is on you the voter to do the right thing and vote in memory of people like Amelia Boynton Robinson, Tom Crosslin and Rollie Rohm of Rainbow Farms in Vandalia Michigan. When Gore lost the election in 2001 President Bush’s Attorney General John Ashcroft ordered the execution of these two at a marijuana farm by the FBI before September 11th happened and the seige at Rainbow Farms was forgotten. Through their sacrifice, 25 states have legalized the use of the plant for manufacturing and medicinal purposes.
If you are reading this on or after 8:00pm Nov 8th 2016 and, you did not exercise your right to vote, you let this woman get her face punched in for nothing. If Donald Trump becomes is your president, this will be considered a lawful act. Amelia Boynton Robinson was an activist in Selma Alabama who wanted to have a voice in the day to day activities of her community. Instead, she was punched in the mouth by a man who did not want her to vote for various reasons including the color of her skin.  One of the other reasons she ate a fist to the face was because the man did not want her to:
  1.          Choose her leaders in Federal, State, and Local Government
  2.          Determine the direction and leadership of public education
  3.         Determine where and what roads to be repaired with her money.
  4.         Determine the quality of life in her community

You let someone become president who would make this all legal again.
You let your opportunity to elect Judges to the District, Circuit, and State Courts who could have helped you out on a case regarding a traffic ticket, marijuana possession, personal protection order, wills, divorces, etc. 

By not voting, you let someone become president who would have people like Gov. Chris Christie as United States Attorney General even though he directed his underlings to take a felony rap for him for blocking a bridge.

By not voting in the Michigan Supreme Court Race, You let Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette continue to pardon people who poisoned an entire city and, helped them to get their jobs back with the same department.  

Your words don’t get anything done and, your elected leaders who have to power to affect your day to day quality of life don’t have to be bothered with your voice. Therefore if you want to hand the job to an unqualified carnival barking fat bastard, or another candidate who will be in a unique position to expunge the damage her husband did,  don’t boo, whine, or complain, VOTE!

Don’t make that mistake again and say that your vote does not count. And if you did not vote, then you get whatever is coming to you and you have to deal with it.

Vote or else.

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