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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What Does it Take to Make A Great City? Re-Opening Neighborhood Recreation Centers like Tindal in Northwest Detroit

Raising The Roof on Tindal Recreation Center
by Marie Adams Lawton Executive Director
     and Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.

Nestle snugly in the northwest side of Detroit, this once vibrant recreational center was the "hub" for young people in and around the City of Detroit. However, it wasn't long before cutbacks, layoffs, and fund reduction forced Tindal to close its doors in 2007 eliminating a safe haven facility that previously taught children the true meaning of teamwork. Tindal Recreation Center located at 10301 W. Seven Mile consist of a multipurpose room, gymnasium, classrooms, and a weight room. UAW-Ford has been so generous to replace the gymnasium floor, lighting and kitchen. However our main problem is the ROOF.

(Click Here for Map and Directions)

The roof on the building has never been replaced and has now passed it life expectancy. The roof consists of a built up material and it is in two sections, a sloped portions and a flat section. Numerous issues have occurred in the flat section with the perimeter being the worst area where most of the water leaks occur. The ridge perimeter at the top ash split, is showing signs of water penetration, and the membrane around the eave and drains is failing. Over the years, the roof has become worn and is need of a complete tear off and replacement.

In 2015, under an operational agreement for the next fifteen years, Tindal Recreational Center was given to Health Kidz Inc., a youth based sports organization with a successful and pulsation reputation for keeping kids of the streets and teaching them the true meaning of sportsmanship both on and off the court/field/course. Maria Adams-Lawtom the founder & CEO of Health Kidz inc. acquired Tindal from the City of Detroit Parks and Rec Department with one mission in mind, opening the doors to the community and young people who need a safe and productive place to be with physical and mental activity to stimulate overall growth.

During the 9 year period of inactivity of the Tindal Building, time was not on the side of the building as it experienced water damage, resource theft, intrusion, and lack of overall attention. Although the task appears enormous, Maria Adams-Lawton says it's not impossible and those will do what she can while she can, for as long as she can, with whatever resources are donated her way. In a short period of time, she has replaced most of the plumbing, purchase new restroom fixtures, acquire recreational games like pool and ping pong tables, and solicit help for painting and structural repair..... 

However, that is not enough, WE NEED THE COMMUNITY'S HELP!

If you the public would like to assist in this effort please contact 
Maria Adams-Lawton at (313) 995-0607

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