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Friday, September 26, 2014

Taking Back Detroit One Law and Vote at a time. Removing the Mgr. of the Emergency Mgr.

by The Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.

Go Wings!
September 25, 2014 was a historic day for the City of Detroit.Starting with the ground breaking ceremonies for the new Detroit District, the news regarding the new Red Wings neighborhood development hosted by the Illich family will bring nothing but positive results for the entire tri-county region. Our friend George gave a positive and informative speech on the history of the Detroit District. He paid homage to pioneers like John Sinclair who helped revitalize historic structures like the Fox Theater and, how the once idle land will be transformed into a new business district with a user friendly, handicap accesible Hockey arena.

Vote to remove EM Kevyn Orr Result
9 Yes  0 No 
Later that evening the leadership of the City of Detroit redesigned the contract of Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr to a special attorney in charge of bankruptcy. This will be his only responsibility as a contract employee of the City of Detroit. All management of City business is now in the hands of City Council and the Mayor’s office. The Police Department will be under an elected board of review as the Federal oversight has ended for the Detroit Police Department. This seven member board is composed of a representative from each district. This board will be responsible for all Detroit Police hiring, budgeting and, discipline issues.

Council President Jones and
Mayor Duggan sign Detroit's
Declaration of Independence
There is a saying that you should not hate the player but hate the game. Mr. Orr took the money and ran like the Road Runner saying beep, beep. He has indicated that he wants to return home to Washington DC with the family and that is awesome.  He will have the ability to work from home and move out of the Book Cadillac Hotel, saving the City a few dollars. Instead of hating on Mr. Orr, you want to give HIS boss Governor Rick Snyder an employee evaluation with your vote at the ballot box this October until November 4th.   

Before you mark your ballot ask yourself these questions:
  • Did you approve the working instructions given to Mr. Orr to cut healthcare cost to retirees
  • Did you approve the working instructions given to Mr. Orr to tax pensions?
  • Did you approve of the position of the Emergency Manager being appointed AFTER you told the State of Michigan NO the first time?
  • Did you approve the Right to Work law?

You have the power and privilege to terminate the contract of the contractors who created this mess with your Vote.  This would be the current occupants of the Governors, Attorney General’s and, Secretary of States offices. With this change at the top, the people will have the ability to appoint sound leadership in all of the boards and authorities. Boards like Water Authorities and Belle Isle will be under new management with Mark Schauer, Mark Totten, and Godfrey Dillard as your Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State leading the way.

Therefore, please take the time to register and VOTE.  You have until October 4th to register to vote in the November 4th election. That means the following:
  • If you will be 18 years of age or older by November 4th, 2014 11:59pm
  • If you are NOT incarcerated at a jail or prison
  • If you have a Felony Record
You have the legal right to cast your vote on November 4th or, October if you vote early at Wayne County Community College East or West campus.

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