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Friday, September 12, 2014

Weather Emergency Information From the Office of Mayor Mike Duggan - City of Detroit

City of Detroit provides key information to address possible effects of severe weather

The Office of Mayor Mike Duggan has been coordinating with various city departments to prepare for the effects of possible severe weather this afternoon. Potential issues could include power outages, flooding and downed trees. 

To provide residents with the information they need to have these and other issues addressed, the city is providing the following information on how to report problems:

Downed Trees
To report a downed tree, go online at or call the Ombudsman’s Office at 313-224-6000.  For after hour calls, please contact the Forestry Division’s after hours hotline at 313-590-3336.

Priority is being given to fallen trees that are blocking streets or on top of homes and vehicles. The City’s forestry crews will focus on trees that were rooted on city property or blocking streets and sidewalks. 

How to determine if a tree is the city’s property or private property: 

If the fallen tree is located between the curb and the sidewalk of a home it is the responsibility of the city and city crews will address them.  To report a fallen tree on city property, residents should call 313-590-3336 or fill out a form posted on the city’s website at (full link below)

If the tree is between the sidewalk and the house or in a backyard, it is on private property and is the responsibility of the homeowner, who should contact their insurance company or a private contractor.  If the tree fell from private property but is blocking the street, residents should still call the city at 313-590-3336. 

Removal of tree limbs: If a homeowner has taken it upon themselves to cut up a fallen tree or limbs on their property, they should cut the debris into sections no longer than 48 inches and leave it at the curb for their next scheduled yard waste collection date.   

Link to Online Damaged Tree Assessment Form: (Click Here)

If your street is experiencing flooding on surface roads, first try to clear any debris from storm drain covers if you can do so safely.  If you unable to access a blocked storm drain, or if clearing it does not work, please contact the Ombudsman’s office at 313-224-6000 and a crew from the Department of Water and Sewage will send out a crew to clear the debris and/or clear out any obstructions in the line that may be preventing water from draining.

Downed Power Lines 
If a fallen tree or limb has impacted a power line, stay away and call DTE Energy’s emergency line immediately at 800-477-4747.   

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