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Friday, May 27, 2011

Growing Weed at the White House... a Historical Insight from the streets of Detroit

by Richard C. Clement

Urban Farming has a strong tradition from the White House to the City of Detroit. The people in the neighborhoods grow just like the slaves did when they worked at the White House for President George Washington. While walking down the street on 7 Mile, I ran into an old friend from the neighborhood. He was an urban farmer who wanted to remain nameless.

“The Greening of America began at the White House” stated the gentleman as we were walking down 7 mile road past Mr. Mapps Lounge. I am growing my own personal garden with food and medicine to pay homage to those slaves and First Lady Michelle Obama. The first president, George Washington had a farm on the White House Grounds. The man was a natural born famer and owned slaves who he treated well. They took care of his farm and other emotional needs. He loved him some sisters and all they had to do was take care of the farm and him.

Now that a daughter of the slaves is living IN the White House, it would be a total honor to have her grow some Industrial Hemp and Medicine in the White House right next to the oregano, cilantro , basil, or parsley. Growing this group of plants in the same area contributes to the spices of each other and feed on each other’s organic makeup. Potatoes and Tomatoes are a favorite of mine. This is because sweet potatoes, beets, turnip greens, are a group to keep together because everything is underground. Interested people would keep up with the growth rate of the plants on the White House website just like Farmville on face book. Since medical marijuana is allowed in D.C., The White House fits the definition of a secure and locked facility.

That was a lot of information I thought to myself and as my friend got into his car. What about all of that hemp that comes from Canada? By trading in hemp, we will have free trade with Canada. The bridge to be named later project over the Detroit River would be paid for by the revenue from the Cannabis trade. Along with farmers, the duty free shops would generate massive amounts of revenue with duty free Cannabis products being sold at the border. Finally City of Detroit employees will be able have an even healthier pension fund by investing in alternative fuel research and manufacturing in Michigan. Cannabis creates jobs and opportunity for an entire earth community.

A “Bong for Bing will solve everything” or Pot for Pugh will help all of you” was the text message I received from my friend.

I sent him back a message saying that “Weed shall overcome and we have only just begun”.

Sent from the spirits of an IBM 370/115 with an IBM 029 keypunch.

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