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Friday, May 27, 2011

Lansing Michigan Ordinance seeks to restrict and relocate the number of dispensaries in the City Limits.

An ordinance proposed by City Councilwoman Carol Wood will force new dispensaries to move into certain areas of the city. If this ordinance is passed, it will force new businesses into specific light industrial zones that will have the potential to create a marijuana free enterprise zones in the City of Lansing. Current owners will be allowed to stay in their present place of business until ownership transfers or a catastrophic event such as a fire or natural disaster.

One of the more controversial parts of the ordinance is the elimination of 24/7 dispensaries in the City of Lansing. Dispensary businesses will only be allowed to operate between the hours of 10am to 7pm Monday through Saturday. Another controversial part of this ordinance is not allowing consumption by customers in the place of business. These provisions were fiercely objected to by shop owners and Ingham County NORML.

Supporters of these controversial changes are hoping to force all of the businesses from Michigan Avenue and other places into a few designated areas within the City limits. Another excuse brought up by the neighborhood associations is the electrical draw down of current if these businesses are allowed to cultivate the medicine onsite. If these people are successful in forcing business to move, Michigan Avenue in Lansing will return to empty buildings and abandonment again. Another danger is the invitation for felony acts of arson by deranged individuals forcing the business to move. The draft ordinance as written will force a burned down business to move to a newly zoned area in the City.

There is still time before this ordinance becomes the law to act. We are encouraging all shop owners and customers to contact Councilwomen Carol Wood, A’lynne Robinson, Tina Houghton, and the Lansing City Council to tell them to remove these job killing provisions from the ordinance. This must be done before Thursday June 3rd, 2011 @ 3pm. After this date and time you must show up in person on the 10th floor of Lansing City Hall @ 4PM.

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