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Friday, August 1, 2008

What is good about Detroit? Cars, Belle Isle, and other things...

As I campaign in the district, I was thinking about all the good things that Detroit has to offer an individual. My mind quickly thought of Belle Isle, the people’s park. An urban getaway at the foot of Lake St. Clair and a Detroit icon since Detroit was declared a city. The beach, golf courses, museum and planetarium are world class and as always just needs some maintenance and some Detroit Love.

While you hear the negative press rip the city, other cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angles, Philadelphia, and Newark have 10 times the corruption issues that Detroit has. These Cities receive 1/10th of the publicity that Detroit has and yet, the City of Detroit rolls on. Sometimes the major Detroit newspapers are acting like the Harper’s Weekly of the 2nd black re-construction era in America.

Some of the finest automobiles are built in Detroit. Cars like the Lucerne, Cadillac DTS and DHS with 90% American made parts made by the men and women of the UAW. And the new electric VOLT car will be built in the City of Detroit.

Children’s hospital is a world class institution and the talent in Detroit is legendary. Starting from Henry Ford, musicians such as Anita Baker, The Winans, The Clark Sisters, Earl Klugh, Diana Ross, sports stars such as Dave DeBusher, Willie Horton, and Jerome Bettis are the tip of the talented iceberg.

Most of these people were students in Detroit Public Schools and did extremely well despite the verbal abuse and neglect the teachers face. And the teachers are super dedicated to the students because many of them do graduate and grow up to be fine citizens.

The loyalty to the sports teams is unmatched. The recent success of the Tigers, Pistons, and Red Wings do not overshadow the blind faith and dedication of the Detroit Lions. These fans come game after game to have a party good time in the City and follow the ups and downs of the Lions like a cult despite 51 years and counting of not winning a championship. And one day the people will be consoled, when the Lions win the Super Bowl.

Just like the Auto Industry and Motown changed the face of the world, we will lead the country out of the dumps by being the first major city to recover from the recession/depression that we are in now.

We are melting pot of citizens from various backgrounds and experiences. Together we can make a mix of Detroit power to start creating products and services that will be respected and used worldwide. And working in cooperation with land grant colleges and universities like Michigan State, Detroit and the State of Michigan will lead a new revolution in the greening of America.

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