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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Innocent until proven Guilty; The People vs. Kilpatrick

I do believe that he should be allowed to attend the convention in Denver as a Super Delegate. He has nowhere to run and has no intent to hide from anyone. One of my passions is the practice of law. And one of the basic rules of law is that a person is innocent until proven guilty and CONVICTED of a violation. During that time a person is under court order to respect the law until a trial date occurs.

And so the man has to wear a tether now. So what! This means is that you can find a web site to follow his every move. And, you can contact him to with a text, email, or video message because he will be carrying a laptop computer with him. He will be working for the people of the City and you can see where he goes every day.

I hope he has a video camera with him so that he can do a podcast. And he still has to take the drug tests too. Given this fact, he should be allowed to have a drink of a alcohol shot of his choosing. Every Democrat should be allowed the opportunity to have a toast to the man who will become our next President.

He is carrying two sets of communication now. One a city issued blackberry and another one that is a private phone. A computer expert friend of mine said to me that “most legal professionals are not computer literate. They need a lot of help with the computer toys”. Most of us either consult with an expert, usually a son, grandchild, or a certified computer geek. All his lawyers need to do is; to have a group email account with the courts address, the prosecutors, and the local newspapers. Then he could push the send button and everybody would have been happy. Instead he spent a night in jail and pissed off the judge.

Now that the man and his legal staff have learned their lesson on technology, let Kwame Kilpatrick go to Denver to do his appointed job as a Super Delegate to cast a vote for Barack Obama, Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States of America.

And he can send anyone and everyone a text message from his blackberry on the convention floor….

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