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Monday, July 17, 2017

Statement On City of Detroit Opting Into State Of Michigan Marijuana Law

By Richard C Clement - Marijuana Policy Analyst

We owe it to the Citizens of the City of Detroit to let them decide by ballot to opt into or, out of the State of Michigan's Medical Marijuana Law by December 15th, 2017.

The ordinance modification will open the door for inclusion of people of all backgrounds to become a part of this growing industry. Currently there are 984 liquor stores in the City Of Detroit and the changes will bring fair and balanced laws that people really want. By voting for change, Detroit and Michigan shall not be left behind financially in the Marijuana industry.

Exiting State Financial Control Is Thee Top Priority!!
When this happens, every thing else will have a line to follow through,
 fiscal responsibility and oversight!

The current ordinance has cost the City of Detroit $1 million dollars in lost revenue while other cities in Michigan like Garden City and Inkster are changing their local laws to cash in on the green revolution. As a City determined to exit State of Michigan financial control, new revenue streams can only help the situation get better to open schools and recreation centers in neighborhoods for example.

We applaud industry leaders like George Birko and Ronald Jones for organizing groups who have stepped up to the plate. Organizations like the Sons of Hemp does an excellent job of educating and enlightening people of color on the benefits of opting into the State law. One of the benefits is that on October 1st, 2017, all Firefighters in Michigan will benefit from the revenue of the Marijuana industry when 30% of all sale proceeds are earmarked for the First Responder Presumed Coverage Fund. When a firefighter with 5 years of experience files this application with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulation, it will suspend the employee’s workers' compensation claim against his or her employer.

Given the horrible conditions of our streets, a second look may be needed regarding the use of Industrial Hemp to make concrete instead of the junk we have on our roads now. The current ordinance was written, and promoted by interest groups designed to limit the number of facilities and, send customers from Detroit to other cities for revenue enhancement purposes.  This proposed ordinance will address the audacity of the people who do not live within 300 feet of a facility who come to Board of Zoning appeal hearings to object.

Through the entire process, it was very clear that Winfred Blackmon’s organization was working for the Whiteman. Because of their efforts, all of the African American business in the city owners were shut down and their customers being redirected to other cities. A glaring example was the first drive through in America, Natures Choice on Grand River Avenue that was converted from an empty Taco Bell restaurant. Through Mr. Blackmon’s efforts, the State Of Colorado and the City of Lansing MI have drive-through service while the Black Owned business in Detroit was shut down.

With Attorney General Jeff Sessions and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wanting to revive the drug war, voting YES on changing the ordinances will help stop him from Arresting and Deporting Medical Marijuana supporters, just like what President Trump is doing to the Chaldean community. It is very important to contact US Senators Rand Paul, Al Franken, Gary Peters, Debbie Stabenow and Cory Booker to continue de-funding Jeff Sessions plan to revive the massacre at Rainbow Farms regardingMarijuana.

If you support sensible Marijuana Laws, then we strongly recommend that you register and vote this August and November for candidates who will support the will of the people instead of narrow interests of a few.


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