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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Judicial Marijuana Reform in 2016 - Voting From the Back of the Ballot and Response to Mr. Blackmon

By Richard C. Clement

Our office received some disturbing email from a Winfred Blackmon regarding who to vote for Judge in the November 8th, 2016 election.  Your vote for a Judge is very crucial to you and your community. For instance If you get arrested for weed, you will see a Judge before you will see the President.  If a law is passed, a Supreme Court Judge could nullify that law with the stroke of a pen. 

The same “Citizens groups and Concerned Pastors” who desire a Donald Trump Presidency are the same people who want to shut down the Marijuana industry in Detroit and Michigan.  They are a front group for some owners and others who want to corner the market and drive others out of business. They are an embarrassment to education because, they don’t read and, they are adhering to the racist dogma of the late Harry Anslinger.  He hated African Americans so much, that he took his hate and combined dislike of Marijuana into a deadly combination of lengthy jail sentences. Now that Trump is showing his true colors these groups are worried about the judicial races.

The organizations that are trashing Supreme Court Candidates Deborah Thomas and Frank Symanski want you to re-elect the appointees of Governor Snyder who have perpetuated the situation in Flint. By denying the citizens the right to sue for damages, the criminal conduct of a few State Employees gets approved by the courts.   The same group does not support reform of Marijuana laws and supports the privatized prisons that keep people locked up to drive up stock values.

We say Vote for Judges First!
The choice of Judge is very important to you because a Judge can control your life, take your assets, put you in Jail, keep you out of Jail, and make the rules. We cannot let people invoke their religious beliefs into law, without regard of an individual’s First Amendment right of Freedom to practice or abstain from religion. It is against federal law to use religion in zoning regulations which means that this part of the Detroit City Ordinance was declared unconstitutional by US District Court Judge Avery Cohen. This ruling included the abusive and broad interpretation of the Drug Free Zone and Marijuana Compassion Centers.  The process that Council-member James Tate started with Ordinance #61 will have to start all over again. This time, the Citizens for Sensible Cannabis Laws can design a fair and equitable ordinance that will allow equal opportunity for all who want to partake in the growing Marijuana industry.

On or before November 8th, vote for Deborah Thomas and Frank Symanski for Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court. Women were punched out on a Bridge in Selma Alabama so that you could vote AND your vote would count. Don’t let them down! 

Fill in the blanks by voting for Deborah and Frank!  Michigan Supreme Court.

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