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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mary Mcleod Bethune School in Detroit Needs Help from Education Warriors Immediately

By Richard C. Clement  - Friends of George Cushingberry

Mary Mcleod Bethune
Your help is needed in the matter of the Children of the Mary Mcleod Bethune School at 8145 Puritan Detroit, MI 48221 regarding the use of playground equipment. The school has a new principal that was made aware of being a recipient of the new playscape with no lead warning.  

The project has a very tight deadline of September 29th through September 30th. The teaching staff is acclimating itself to the new school year and they need you the public to assist them in their endeavors.
  • In need of partners who can help finance this project. Ware required to raise $8,500 in 7 days. This does not include funds needed for many of the materials.
  • In need of partners who could volunteer on a weekday to assist in providing at least 80 volunteers.
  • In need of a media partner who is willing to facilitate getting the message to people in other communities.
  • See below for a detailed list of needs.

For more information please contact:
Yvonne Rucker
Executive Director/Founder
Turning dreams into ride at a time!
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This is a partial list of items
Food Responsibilities
·         Secure breakfast, lunch and beverages for 30 adult volunteers on Prep Day 1
·         Secure breakfast, lunch and beverages for 15 adult volunteers on Prep Day 2
·         Secure breakfast, lunch and beverages for 250 adult volunteers + children on Build Day
o    Include vegetarian options
o    Consider additional “kid friendly” food for children on site
·         Secure water for all volunteers during Build Week
o    Estimate about (5) 12 ounce bottles of water per person per day
·         Identify an appropriate space to set up food for Build Week
·         Develop plan and secure supplies needed for serving food
o    Paper goods and utensils
o    Heating units, refrigeration/coolers, access to power, etc.
o    Ice
Recruit 5-7 volunteers (separate from Build Day volunteers) to help cook, serve and distribute food and water
Recruitment Responsibilities
·         Secure volunteers for general construction on Build Day (rain or shine!)
o     50-75 from Target
o     125 from Bethune Elementary-Middle School  and local community
·         Secure 25-30 volunteers to assist with site prep on PD1
·         Confirm a stand-by crew of 10-15 volunteers for PD2
·         Secure 15-20 Team Leaders for leadership on Build Day
o    No experience necessary
o    Team Leaders must attend a 1 hour orientation prior to Build Day
·         Secure 3-5 volunteers to staff the registration table
o    Registration volunteers must attend a 30 minute training prior to Build Day
·         Secure music and microphone for Build Day
o    Music all day (radio station, DJ or stereo system)
o    Microphone and speakers that will amplify sound throughout the site
·         Identify a photographer and/or videographer to take images before, during and after the build
·         Identify a space for the Registration Area on Build Day
·         Communicate important information to volunteers prior to Build Week
o    Work with the Logistics team to provide parking information
o   When to arrive, what to wear/bring
Public Relations Responsibilities

·         Work with project partners to make sure the community is fully aware of the playground project
·         Attend a separate conference call with KaBOOM! communications representative to go over Build Day media
o    Develop a plan for press releases and media invites
o    VIP invitations
·         Work with project partners to develop an opening and closing ceremony for Build Day (facilitated by KaBOOM!)
o    Someone from each partner to speak at the kick off and ribbon cutting ceremonies
o    Produce a ribbon and scissors for the ribbon cutting ceremony
·         Thank you banners
o    One banner to thank  Target
o    One sign to thank all other project supporters
Fundraising Responsibilities

·         Fundraise $8500 for community contribution, due 30 days before Build Day, [8/31/16]
·         Set goals for follow up projects/days
Consider developing a maintenance fund for the long term care and upkeep of the playground

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