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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Detroit Business Owners Unite to Re-Write the Detroit Marijuana Ordinances passed by City Council

by Richard  C. Clement
     Marijuana Policy Analyst

        Canna-Business owners feel slighted by the new and proposed ordinances to “regulate” all the Marijuana shops in the City because, they were left out of the planning phase. To correct that issue and others, the Citizens for Sensible Cannabis Reform is sponsoring a petition drive to place the issue on the August 2nd, 2016 ballot as a referendum. 

         Business owners feel that this ordinance was designed to eliminate ALL Marijuana businesses in the City of Detroit. The remaining few spots that are eligible are already owned by people that are waiting for the ordinance to take effect and eliminate the competition.  The focus on shutting down 211 Marijuana Care Centers through zoning laws is creating an adverse effect on owners who want to get fair and equal opportunity to be a part of the 100+ Billion dollar pie of Marijuana.

         Currently, the City of Detroit has over 11,000 empty buildings within its limits. As always businesses that are owned by African Americans will be the first ones to be shut down. Places like G3 on 8 mile and Hubbell will be closed down and, the buildings will become vacant again.  What the business owners want is fair treatment as a legitimate business and Sensible Cannabis laws in the City of Detroit. The business owners are proposing that there only be one regulation cana-businesses with a 1000ft buffer regulation that only includes Schools and, Libraries.

The current regulations like 1000 feet from a church is un-constitutional and may face a court on the issue of separation of church and state.  The ordinance gives the appearance of collusion with specific owners to eliminate the completion to drive up prices for everyone.  We want transparency in our operations as a Government, and as a service organization to the citizens of Detroit. Therefore starting on Feb 24th, through February 29th, the Woodward Avenue Business Owners Association is sponsoring a petition drive at 3 of the four locations on the strip. 
Other Locations in The City of Detroit:
At these locations, you can find petitions to address the Zoning and Licensing issue so that they can be placed on the ballot as a referendum question in the August 2nd, 2016 Primary Election. Register to vote forms may be available at these locations also to let your voice be your vote. 

The Presidential primary on March 8th, 2016 is ready to take on people that are interested in voting early at the Detroit Elections Bureau at 2978 Grand Boulevard Detroit, MI 48203 or the 2nd floor of the Coleman Young Municipal Center at 2 Woodward Avenue Detroit MI 48226. You must declare your party preference before you cast your vote for as a Democrat or, a Republican so vote early and don’t be late.


Tish Justtish said...

Thanks Richard, see you at high noon !

Anonymous said...

The Detroit ordinance for Marijuana is a joke!

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