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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Marijuana Management in Motown - Showtime is Tue. Feb 2nd, 2015 @ 10am

by Richard C. Clement - Marijuana Policy Analyst

        On Tuesday Feb 2nd at 10 am, the new Detroit Marijuana Ordinance and Licensing procedure will be demonstrated before a full body of the City Council.  When implemented, this will significantly reduce the number of Marijuana Compassion Centers in the City of Detroit.  Currently there are over 150 places of business operating in the city. When this ordinance takes effect On March 1st, there may be a little as 5 of them in the City with restrictions so tight that you will be able to get a Gun much easier than some Ganja.

        Supporters and owners of Compassion Centers who object to provisions of the ordinance feel that this should be a ballot question placed to ALL of the people. One of the major objections is the provision of 1000 feet from a church or religious institution. Some religions use Marijuana as holy sacrament as a primary part of their religious practice. In this case an owner can get a use permit from BSEED as a religious institution in zones B1, B2, B4,B5, B6 business districts as a matter of right. In other cases the occupancy permit of a church can be challenged in a hearing at the Zoning Board.  There are a number of churches that are improperly zoned and do not qualify under Ordinance #61.

         Supporters of drive through and other marijuana services also feel that this issue should be decided by the voters. Therefore, and at the request of Council member Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr, the Law Department was directed to develop ballot language so that voters can decide the issue in November of 2016 at the ballot box. With the gathering of the signatures of 5000 registered voters in the City of Detroit, the implementation of this ordinance will be suspended until a vote is taken.

          Corporation Council Attorney Melvin “Butch” Hollowell and staff  have been crafting the language for the petition since October 2015. Corporation council staff has promised Pro Tem Cushingberry that language will be available to the public on or before February 2nd,  2016. 

           Meanwhile organizations like MI-Legalize and Abrogate Michigan have Ballot Initiative petitions that will alleviate the issues with the City to make a fair and equitable law regarding Marijuana in Michigan. The Marijuana industry has been a boon to places like Lowes and Home Depot for construction material. Work for Union Electricians, Carpenters and Bricklayers are in demand because of the new ganja-peneuer industry. Empty buildings in the City are being used instead of open to being looted and set fire by people like squatters who use open flame to keep warm.

            The only restrictions that the Marijuana community agrees with is the 1000 foot barrier from a school.  Otherwise, everything else about the ordinance is up for a ballot vote by the people.

Stay tuned to Detroit City Council live stream at  Channel 10 on February 2nd, 2016 at 10 am to view the presentation.

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Friends of George Cushingberry said...

The People for Sensible Cannabis Reform support the repeal and re-design of this ordinance

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the following referendum question shall be submitted to the voters of the City of Detroit at the August 2, 2016 State Primary Election:

“A referendum to repeal City of Detroit Ordinance No. 31-15, which amended the zoning ordinance to permit medical marihuana caregiver centers as a conditional use in most B2, B4, M1, M2, M3 and M4 zoning districts, to prohibit them within drug-free zones, to include spacing requirements, to provide for cultivation of medical marihuana as a home occupation, and to include certain other related provisions.

YES (to repeal the ordinance) [ ]
NO (to keep the ordinance) [ ]”; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, in order to comply with Section 646a of the Michigan Election Law, MCL 168.646a, prior to the close of business on April 19, 2016, a copy of this resolution shall be transmitted to the City of Detroit Election Commission to certify this question to the County of Wayne for placement on the August 2, 2016 ballot. - Good Stuff on the Internet