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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Michigan Attorney Discipline Board Dismisses Charges against Attorney George Cushingberry Jr.

by The Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.

    In a unanimous ruling on June 15, the Michigan Attorney Discipline board has administratively dismissed the charges against Attorney George Cushingberry Jr. for practicing law without a license. The hearing date was arbitrarily cancelled by the board. The panel ruled that the charges brought by M.L. Elrick lacked merit, was frivolous and not worthy of further discipline or discussion. This ruling dismisses the allegations made by Fox 2 Detroit reporter M.L. Elrick and Michigan Chronicle Editor Bankole Thompson.

Quoting University of Detroit Law Professor Larry Durbin and the Michigan Chronicle's Bankole Thompson:
LARRY DUBIN: You can't put yourself in a position where you can meet potential clients, which means have a telephone that lists you as a lawyer where people can call you; be on a website where people can fill out a form and indicate that they want your services as a lawyer; all of that is prohibited completely. Anything on a computer that would hold that suspended lawyer as a lawyer, or as a practicing lawyer or invite potential clients to contact that suspended lawyer would be improper. 'Michigan Chronicle' Editor Bankole Thompson says Cushingberry's apparent disregard for the rules sends the wrong message.
Larry Dubin’s statement of fact was ruled irrelevant and did not fit the case by the Attorney Grievance Commission because Mr. Cushingberry had evidence that he never practiced law during the suspension.  The panel also found that Attorney Cushingberry did not own the domain name and was not responsible for its content. It is a given fact that 98% of legal professionals are not tech savvy and, rely on assistance from Technology experts who are highly skilled in the tools of the trade. C-systems Technology Group is solely responsible for the maintenance, development and content of the site.

The owner of the domain was able to demonstrate that Attorney Cushingberry is not taking any clients during the suspension and, his databases cannot produce any evidence of ANY client or potential client interaction requesting his legal services. As far as the Michigan Chronicle goes, the last thing we need is an African American newspaper supporting and reporting news events that are later proven to be intentionally false and misleading bits of information.

It is also a fact that this is a troubling pattern by media outlets to usurp the will of the voters by attempting to remove elected African American officials from office by promoting false and misleading news stories. The Councilman is demanding that ML Elrick and Bankole Thompson issue an immediate retraction of this “story”. The councilman suggest that these two would be better off investigating the contractors who poured the concrete on the Highways and Roads in Michigan for the past 10 years with shoddy concrete and construction materials.  

Until this happens, the No Elrick-Thompson zone will remain in full effect until further notice.


misterelrick said...

Hey, folks, M.L. Elrick of Fox 2 here to set the record straight. Why? Because this post is FULL of inaccuracies.
First, I did not file a complaint.
Second, Mr. Cushingberry missed the Attorney Discipline Board's deadline to respond to the ATTORNEY GRIEVANCE COMMISSION'S motion alleging that he was acting like a lawyer in violation of the year-long suspension that forbids him to have anything to do with the legal profession. Nevertheless, the board allowed Mr. Cushingberry to file a late response.
Third, Mr. Cushingberry avoided a show cause hearing by taking down the website in which he solicited potential clients. Your blog here also no long includes information referring to Mr. Cushingberry's legal practice.
Fourth, neither Michigan Chronicle Editor Bankole Thompson nor University of Detroit Mercy Law Professor Larry Dubin filed complaints or made allegations against Mr. Cushingberry.
Finally, the reason this show cause hearing was cancelled is because Mr. Cushingberry finally complied with the terms of the Attorney Discipline Board's suspension.
For more information, check out

Friends of George Cushingberry said...

M.L. Elrick the Friends of Cushingberry stands by our story to answer your "allegations".
1. The complaint was started by an ML Elrick "story" whom then called the Attorney Grievance Board to support his "story".
2. The filing of a response was allowed by the Commission (moot point)
3. The Grievance Commission reviewed the allegations and made a decision not to pursue hearsay evidence with no merit.
4. Bankole Thompson has made many accusations against Mr. Cushingberry and is a co-conspirator with ML Elrick to help spread the conservative agenda of Fox News Network.
5. The hearing was canceled when all facts were reviewed including evidence that Mr. Cushingberry never practiced law or sought clients during the terms of the suspension. The allegations were deemed to be frivolous and over hyped with falsehoods.

Case Closed, Deal with it..

misterelrick said...

Stay tuned to Fox 2 for the real deal on this matter and all other news. - Good Stuff on the Internet