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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Art on the Walls of the Lodge Freeway? Detroit based artist Sintex has a plan to bring life onto the drab white wall.

by Friends of Cushingberry

Between Wyoming to 8 mile and the City Limits, the M10 Lodge Freeway wall is stark and boring to look at while you are driving north or southbound. The Office of Council Pro Tem Cushingberry’s people driven task force is researching on using portions of the freeway wall to be covered with artwork from local area artists and advertising from local businesses like JP Morgan Chase, etc. With the cooperation of the State of Michigan, selling advertising space at a fixed rate can generate revenue and improve the view while you drive home.

This proposal would bring additional revenue to the city of Detroit and the State of Michigan in road maintenance and advertising sales.  Local and extremely talented artist like Sintex would enhance the beauty of the City with their elite talent.  Mr. Sintex is the PERFECT candidate to be awarded the job to Paint the Lodge Beautiful and this is an example of his work.

The talent in the City of Detroit needs to be put on display proudly instead of being forced to hide in the closet. To make this happen we need the people to come and express their thoughts about the project to City, County, and State leadership. Many artists and businesses in the Detroit Metropolitan Area would benefit from the sale of space to display their wares.

If you support this proposal, please call or email our office with your concerns and suggestions.

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