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Monday, November 10, 2014

Congratulations to Attorney General Bill Schuette from the Medical Marijuana Community

By Richard C. Clement

A Weed Warrior Addressing
Lansing MI City Council
We in the Medical Marijuana community congratulate Bill Schuette on being re-elected to another four year term as Attorney General of our state.  We applaud Mr. Schuette for protecting pensions, standing up for the Constitution and, being the voice of the people.  Mr. Schuette is defending the will of the voters on issues like Affirmative Action and Same Sex Marriage that were soundly rejected by a majority of the voters in Michigan.
 One of the benefits of the Supreme Court of the United States is when they made a decision to say that religious beliefs trump the law of the land regarding Hobby Lobby vs the Affordable Care Act case.  The result of this decision is that a Rastafarian (or any other religion that supports the use of Cannabis as a Medicine) can use their medicine by law.  We hope that Mr. Schuette continues the fight for the people by supporting their will and, convincing the United States Senate and House of Representatives to remove Marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, you are protected under the HIPPA regulations that prevent you from disclosing your illness.  Any violation of these rules are punishable by law with punitive damages. However, in 2016 a statewide measure to legalize and remove Marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act will be placed on the ballot. This will be the time for people to speak in the ballot box on their support of legalizing weed for the jobs we need. Michigan would be joining states like Colorado, Washington, Oregon into common sense.  Every Democratic candidate who ran from President Obama and Marijuana legalization lost in November 2014 while Weed won big in Alaska, Oregon, and 3 cities in the State of Michigan. Local control is essential to disrupt the dollars flowing into incarceration into education.  

Weed Warriors Testifying
in Lansing MI
In two years, we will see who the lamest Duck is between: Federal and State Legislators and, the President of United States.  Marijuana will be reformed and removed from the Controlled Substances Act and, that will be another accomplishment on Barack Obama’s legacy as President of the United States, even thought he should have done it 6 years sooner.Otherwise we hope that our current legislators listen to the will of the people because people who don’t vote now, will pay the price in the next election. Then and only then, the will of the people will be finally be respected.

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