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Thursday, July 31, 2014

A VIP reception for Marc Emery at Detroit City Airport in August? Who is Marc Emery and the Importance of Voting

"Marc Emery is coming through Detroit after spending 5 years in Jail for being a florist."

By Richard Clement 

Marc and Jodie Emery
Marc Emery is a Canadian Citizen that has spent the last 5 years in a Federal Jail in Mississippi and Louisiana for selling cannabis seeds in 2005.  His country’s leadership does not want him to come back. However the citizens of his home province dearly want him back.  This man was extradited to the United States at the request of the US Drug Enforcement Agency because he had a lot of American customers that wanted his products.   Now that he is almost home, he will be leaving America via the Detroit/Windsor Tunnel Tuesday August 12th in the morning. 

He is leaving an America when we the people declared an end to the war on weed since the time that he has been incarcerated. Since 2005 31 states have either legalized or have pending legislation on removing Marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act. Therefore “weed the people” of the City of Detroit, State Of Michigan and United States of America would like to give Marc Emery a chance to say goodbye and apology from the People of the United States for; Wasting our monetary resources on the pain that bad policy on Cannabis inflicted on Marc and Jodie Emery. 

We would like the US Marshals to fly Mr. Emery into Detroit City Airport on August 12th where an Official Welcome to Detroit gathering awaits him as he steps off the plane.  This is before he is given a motorcade to Canada via the Detroit/Windsor tunnel. He will be “processed” by the Canadian Security Agency and allowed to go home to Vancouver British Columbia via friends, supporters and, a chartered flight home.

We hope that the Emery family can come back to Detroit and party with us sometime soon. If they do come back, it will be over the new international bridge from Windsor or, purchased duty free cannabis seeds at the duty free shop on the Ambassador Bridge and bringing them to the USA.  When he comes back there will be some fine Sativa waiting for him. To make this change you have to take your bud with you to the ballot box. (Early voting in Detroit until Aug for the primary and October for the general election).. Industrial Hemp grown in Michigan to manufacture products like building materials for homes will create 10,000 jobs for citizens further stimulating the economy. Jails will have to close down because of the removal of prisoners for small drug crimes and, redirecting resources to reduce violent crime and shootings through the teaching of conflict management.

Ryan Basore #16645-040 - Left
Jeremy Duval #46344-039 - Center
Lance Forsberg #16646-040 - Right
FCI Morgantown, Federal Correctional Institution, P.O. Box 1000 Morgantown, WV, 26507
Now that Marc Emery is leaving, we have to work to Free the Lansing Michigan 7 and other drug war prisoners from the same fate.  Before the end of Barack Obama’s term as President, he will remove Marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act and make sure that it never reappears again.

Flying KDET will soon be a reality!

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