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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Using Belle Isle for Business, Fun and, Pleasure under State Of Michigan Rules.

By Richard Clement


If you plan to use Belle Isle this year, there are new rules in effect regarding shelter rental and using the park.  If you want to provide commercial service or use that includes the following: money changing hands, exchange of goods or services, creation of good will, growing of a business, or promotion of a good or service, you will have to fill out an Application/Permit to Use State Land (FormPR1138-1).
Providing Commercial Service falls into 4 categories:
1.       Lease
2.       Concession
3.       Commercial Operating Agreement
4.       Use Permit

Under a lease you can have up to a 25 year period of use and grants exclusive use of the parcel of land for a specific purpose. The business must fit the mission of the DNR and the public interest and the Business owner must carry liability insurance.
Example of a Lease:
1.       Marina/Harbor
2.       Boat Access Site
3.       Restaurant
4.       Boat Wash
5.       Ski Hill
A Concession is a business that is requested by the Department of Natural Resources through a bid specification list.  Bids can be sole sourced or put out for competition at the discretion of the department. These business can generate up to $650,000 per year with Firewood, Ice and, Vending operating concessions generating up to $300,000 per year.

Examples of a Concession
1.       Park Store
2.       Mobile Food Service
3.       Bike / Boat Rental
4.       Water Slide
5.       Riding Stable
6.       Farming

Commercial Operating Agreement:
A commercial operating agreement is a document that allows for a business to perform a service on State Land. These businesses can generate at least $200,000 a year and, the fee is based on the impact to the resources like the: Land, staff and, other users.

Examples of COA’s are:

1.       Livery
2.       Marine Boat Repair
3.       Model Airplane Flying
4.       Gilding Service
5.       Whitewater Rafting
6.       Recreational Vehicle Rental

Use Permits are for one-time or re-occurring events. These events can generate between $100,000 & $120,000 per year. Fee is also determined on an Impact Basis to the land, staff and other users.

Use Permit Examples are:
1.       Pedestrian / Bike Race
2.       Triathlon Event
3.       Boat Race
4.       Firs time business ventures or unique options that are limited.

A Special Use Permit is used if you want a shelter for a family reunion for alcohol in a State Park. However, the State has decided to keep the City of Detroit’s reservation system until the end of 2014.  Open alcohol containers are only allowed in the area of your shelter rental through the acquisition of a Special Use Permit.
Violations will be prosecuted in 36th Court by the Wayne County Prosecutors office per Sgt. Arthur Green DNR Area Supervisor of the Law Enforcement Division.
For more information please visit the City of Detroit Recreation Department (click here) Website.

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