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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Notice of Public Meetings & Hearings in the State of Michigan and City of Detroit

by Richard Clement

Two public meetings that will have an impact on City of Detroit residents will be held in the next few days.  Starting Tuesday, March 11, 2014 in Lansing Michigan written testimony will be taken by the Michigan Senate Government Operations Committee regarding two House Bills  that would:

1.     Allow holders of valid Michigan Medical Marijuana cards to purchase Medical Marijuana products from without penalty of law, as approved by the local municipality

2.      Establish fees for municipalities to license, grade and, regulate Medical Marijuana use through the establishment of Licensed Safe Test Facilities to test for quality of product.

3.      Effectively end all raids by law enforcement on Marijuana Businesses in the State of Michigan.  This would have a dramatic effect on the use of local law enforcement resources to fight a drug war on Pot that has been demonstrated to be an expense that is not worth the cause.
a.     This will assist agencies like the Detroit Police, Wayne County Sheriff and, State Police in the management and redirection of resources.

House Bill HB 4271 (click here for full reading of 4271) will allow Cities, Townships and, Villages to regulate provisioning centers and testing facilities within their jurisdiction.  With the payment of a registration fee to the local government, Medical Marijuana patients can safely purchase their medicine without fear of prosecution under penalty of law.  House Bill 5104 (click here for full reading of 5104) will allow the use of marijuana that is not smoked by eating it in brownies, canabutter grits, cookies, tea.

These bills will allow the City of Detroit to establish a department dedicated to operation and management of Certified Municipal Safe Testing Facilities. These facilities will grade the products that are being sold by provisioning centers for quality and other factors. These bills are one step from a vote by the entire Michigan Senate from a becoming law.  There are some Senators like Republican Rick Jones who have introduced bills to weaken and sabotage the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act of 2008.  One of the most outrageous examples is the requirement that you transport your medicine in the trunk of your car.  This law (PA 460 of 2012) has generated thousands of dollars off the backs of Michigan Medical Marijuana patients under the guise of public safety.  With the help of Democrats, these harmful bills are becoming law leading to a rebirth of a new Jim Crow in Detroit.
Your communication with the Michigan Senate is crucial in protecting citizens from being sent to a prison for profit system that is befitting stock holders instead of the citizens.  Your written testimony will be taken for the official record so let your voice be heard by contacting your State Senator and telling them to vote Yes on HB4271 & HB5104.  This is an election year for the Michigan Senate and House in 2014. 
Contact Information for Michigan Senate:
Committee Clerk
Sen. Randy Richardsville
Sen. Bert Johnson
Sen. Virgil Smith

On Tuesday March 18, 2014 @ 7:00pm at the Northwest Activity Center (18100 Meyers Road, Detroit MI 48235) the Detroit City Council will have a Committee of the Whole Meeting in the Ballroom. The activity starts at 6:00pm with City Departments having information and questions about City Business. Your concerns on issues like Belle Isle under State Rule, Lights and, infrastructure can be brought up during the public comment section of the meeting.  You will have 2 minutes to speak to the council of the whole so come prepared to speak by filling out a comment card.We hope that you attend and be a part of Detroit history at the FIRST meeting of your City Council in  District 2.


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