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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Detroit City Council 30 Day Progress Report / Score with the President and the Pro Tempore.

By,  Richard Clement

Greetings citizens of District 2 and the City of Detroit. When George was elected by you to make change in city government,  he said "I don't intend to disappoint you".  In the short time that he has been in office, the following things have been accomplished.

1.       Board appointments to all sub committees have been approved and meetings are being held.

2.       A commitment to Light up Detroit by encouraging citizens to call the Public Lighting Commission at  313 267 8140 twice a week to report the location of non-working streetlights. We want all the lights in District 2 to be on by late spring/early summer.

3.       Restarting the effort to have commercial air service out of Coleman Young International Airport.
4.       Supporting the efforts of the Magic Plus LLC group to revitalize the State Fairgrounds into a viable property containing a new Amtrak Station and, businesses creating jobs.

5.       Making sure that City retirees and, employees do not get abused or lose out on the pensions that were promised by monitoring the activity of the Emergency Manager.

In addition to these successes, an active program to get more citizens to challenge their property taxes by going to a Board of Review hearing on their property is in full effect.  If you never tried to appeal your property taxes then we highly encourage you to do so.  You have more to gain and nothing to lose by scheduling a hearing with the Board of Review.
The revitalization of Coleman Young International Airport will included upgrades to the terminal and construction of a new runway.  This is a jewel of the city that Coleman Young and the Tuskegee Airmen had to give back to the community. We must not let that die.

In time we will have a District office located at the Northwest Activities Center on Curtis and Meyers so that we can get even closer to our constituents.  As of January 21st, Office furniture, Website and, phone lines to our office are still under construction.

Under the leadership of Council President Jones, Detroit will exit the bankruptcy in a much better position to provide services at the most economical of costs.
This does not sound like a dysfunctional council as some would have you to believe in other publications.
The Mayor want's a six month chance to get things done so lets grant him and the council that wish.
Stay Tuned 


Andrew William Bridge said...

Equal opportunity demorcrat? What's your view on overturning the ban on same-sex marriage in Michigan? How about supporting a proclamation by Council that Detroit supports same-sex couples as a intrical part in the future of Detroit?

Friends of George Cushingberry said...

Andrew, there should have never been a ban placed on marriage in the first place. We have much bigger issues like bankruptcy and, protecting pensions for City Employees than, worrying about somebody's social life.

If a proclamation is made, I will support same sex couples as citizens of Detroit and I hope that they shop and party in Detroit also. - Good Stuff on the Internet