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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Light Up Detroit in 2014! - Turn on the lights in District 2 by Calling 313 267 8140. Ask for for Marie!

PSA from Councilman Cushingberry,

If your streetlights are out in the City of Detroit, call 313 267 8140 at the Public Lighting Department and ask for Marie Brown. She is the go to gal for the Public Lighting Commisison. Give her the location of the street where the defective lights are located and someone will be out to fix it. Mayor Duggan and the Council  has committed to change for the betterment of City residents. It is recommended that a call be made once every 3 days until the problem is resolved.  Councilman Cushingberry is committed to serving the constituents in District 2 and being a ambassador for the City of Detroit.

The Friends of  George Cushingberry Jr.


Anonymous said...

Light up Detroit? Pass me one of those joints George?

Friends of George Cushingberry said...

Anon: Get legal and support HB4271 to allow for municipal Provisioning Centers and Testing Facilities so that you can pass one in the City of Detroit and, take us out of bankruptcy.

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