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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Restoring the Revenue: Getting out of Bankruptcy with City Authorized Medical Marijuana Provisioning Centers and Safety Compliance Facilities

Sponsored by the Exploratory Committee to Elect George Cushingberry Jr. to Detroit City Council President.

Seminar/Fundraiser  December 21st @4pm  2627 John R, Detroit MI  48201.
Ticket/Donation $100.00  
For Tickets  Call (313) 422-5281

What will be the impact of  implementing into law House Bill 4271 allowing Marijuana Provisioning Centers & Safety Compliance Facilities in Detroit?

The Provisioning Centers Act, introduced by Rep. Michael Callton, (R-Nashville), empowers local communities within the state to license and regulate provisioning centers while enjoying protections from interference.  All provisioning centers will be associated with licensed Safety Compliance Facility that will test the quality of Medical Marijuana for: mold, mildew, fungi or, pesticides, before it is approved to be consumed by a registered patient.

(Click Here to read the full legislation HB4271)

The City of Detroit will have wide ranging responsibilities and, rights regarding the operation of these businesses. 

People with felonies gets no love or respect from the Michigan Legislature on this bill. Restrictions placed upon felons are an unnecessary form of discrimination and flies in the face of giving people a second chance.  

While this bill has some serious shortcomings, it is a step to fill in some of the holes of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act of 2008.

The Implementation of this law will be a plus to the City of Detroit and, may help shorten the time that Detroit is in Bankruptcy. The City of Detroit will be able to issue licenses for these businesses to serve their customers without fear of prosecution or reprisal by City, County and State officials. Fees from the permits and, revenue from sales will go to support City Retirees and City Services. On December 12th the bill (HB4271) has passed the House of Representatives with a vote of 496 Yeas, 95 Nays and, 14 No Votes.  The bill goes to the Michigan Senate that can add, change, or delete parts of the bill.  Supporters are urged to contact Senator Virgil Smith and friends to demand immediate passage with removing some of the restrictions on felons.  If felons can serve in the Michigan Senate then, there is no reason that a felon would not make a good provisioning center owner or caregiver.

Support Detroit Retirees
The new City Council leadership needs to be keenly aware of new revenue sources that will show a balanced budget by 2014, cure the bankruptcy issues and, protect the quality of life for all citizens of Detroit, especially retirees and employees of the City of Detroit.
The new City Council leadership may have to consider the inclusion of these businesses as a revenue generator and, a great opportunity for Detroit residents to create jobs and opportunities in the booming Medical Marijuana industry. According to Forbes, the Marijuana trade will generate over 10 million dollars in revenue

On December 21 @ 4pm EDT, we are asking you to come to 2627 John R in Detroit Michigan 48201, and participate in a seminar on these Provisioning Centers and Safety Compliance Centers with the Exploratory Committee to Elect George Cushingberry Jr. for Detroit City Council in 2014.  You will have one on one access to Attorneys, Civic Leaders, Activists, and Cana-businesses. 

Per City Charter (Sec. 4-103. Selection of Council President and President Pro-Tempore), The City Council shall select its President and President Pro-Tempore from among its members by majority vote of the members serving at its first regular session in 2014. The term for City Council President and President Pro-Tempore shall be four (4) years. Selection of the President and President Pro-Tempore shall be every four years.

George Cushingberry needs to have himself and 4 more of his Council-mates to support him with their vote. If elected, George Cushingberry and Mayor Duggan will come up with solutions to issues in the City of Detroit regarding Provisioning Centers and Safety Compliance Facilities.  Asking your district council member to vote for George Cushingberry Jr. as Council President just takes you contacting your district representatives and Mayor Duggan to demand that their votes be cast in favor of George Cushingberry for President of City Council in 2014.

Elect George Cushingberry to City Council President, because when it comes down to the people, he will truly represent.

The Exploratory Committee to Elect George Cushingberry Jr. to President of Detroit City Council.

Matt Abel and Tim Beck
Scheduled List of Attendees:

Attorney Michael Kormorn of  Kormorn Law
Attorney Matthew Abel   Cannabis Counsel PLLC.
Activist Tim Beck
Activist Adam Brook
Attorney & Detroit City Councilman George Cushingbery Jr. District #2

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