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Sunday, November 3, 2013

What does it take to make a great City? Revitalization and Restoration of Belle Isle (With Input from the Citizens)

By Richard C. Clement - Csystems Technology Group
Consultant to the Friends of George Cushingberry

Nov. 3rd  2013

View from the Point of Belle Isle
What do we want for Belle Isle? Open access for citizens with a voice in the management of City Property. If an annual $11 fee per car is imposed, this fee would be placed in a restricted fund account that would only go to the upkeep and maintenance of the island.  There must be support and agreement from the Citizens of Detroit to allow a fee to be charged.  We want to see what are we getting for our money?  Will Detroit Police officers get laid off to make this happen? Will City employees lose their jobs?  We want to know a budget before ANYTHING gets started by anyone.
We want Our Island to be open to the people without needless restrictions imposed by the State of Michigan. Meaning that Detroiters want the island to be revitalized, cleaned up, and maintained as a jewel that it is.  Given the "gangster" nature of the current Emergency Manager and Governor agreement, Detroiters must stand their ground to get the changes we need, while protecting us from abuses from legislators in Lansing who do not have our best interests at heart.

Rowing Practice on Belle Isle
We want the Grass cut and the old DYC club re-energized to be something more than just a dock for the rowing teams.  Something like an educational swimming center that can be used as a training facility for Detroiters who want to learn how to scuba dive, race boats, and other water related activities.  The Island must always be a place to relax, fish, party, 18 hours a day.  A revitalized swimming facility on the island with an in-ground pool next to the beach will bring lots of people to the island.  Car parking will be a concern, therefore we will have to have an intermodal rail system on the island to get people around without a car.  Combined with a rail line stop at the island, Detroit will be well on it's way to making Belle Isle the jewel that it has always been.

Luther Keith on Jam
Concession stands on the island must be kept to a bare minimum because we don’t want the island to be over commercialized.  Using existing structures like the Casino and one other place will do just fine.  Given the barb-b-ques and other B.Y.O.B. arrangements,  food will be a moot point. Canoe rental again?  That will depend on what the people want.  If George Cushingberry is elected, a want list for citizens will be made available so that REAL public input can be captured.

Roger Penske and friends are welcome to use and upgrade the roads around Belle Isle for an agreement to run the auto race on the Island for 30 years.  If we are going to have racing in the City, then we better have good concrete because Detroiters demand quality.

If Detroiters want to flex their muscle a bit, we can demand that the Island be a cannabis free zone meaning that there will be no civil or criminal penalties for the use of cannabis on the grounds of the island for one ounce or less without a card and 2.5 ounces with a card.   This will insure that Michigan residents (especially Detroit Residents) will not be used as capital assets for the for profit prison industry.  Let people come to Belle Isle to meditate and medicate from the stressful days and nights of trying to make ends meet.
If we can build a water pipeline from Detroit to Port Huron, then we can build a sewer system on Belle Isle without an issue.  The Detroit Water and Sewer Department will oversee the construction of any infrastructure in a partnership for anyone who wants to get training and experience on construction. There are plenty messed up streets in the city that need immediate attention.  Bio concrete mixed with Industrial Hemp will create jobs and opportunity for the city to lower property taxes for residents.

These are some of the ideas that can help our city maintain, without the pain of a few dictators in the Statehouse in Lansing who, do not have the TRUE best interests of Detroit residents in their heart.

Rick Bower's Lawn Jockey
Courtesy of Steve Hood
State control of anything comes with strings and other restrictions that are not in Detroit's best interests. We have a choice to make on November 5th, 2013 between a proven leader in George Cushingberry Jr. or,  electing a newcomer in Rick Bowers who has the gall and audacity to have a Black lawn jockey "guarding" on his property.  This figure is very offensive to the neighborhood, especially African Americans who fought to end discrimination for over 40 years.  This symbol of black servitude is what many people fought against during the Civil Rights struggle of the 1960's including people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Coleman Young, et al.  To be this insensitive to the community is an inexcusable  oversight. If you care about Detroit, then cast your vote for George Cushingberry Jr.  Detroit City Council District #2.

Sincerely, The Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.

Push Cush on November 5th, 2013 



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