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Friday, November 15, 2013

A Thank You Message from the Committee of Councilman-Elect George Cushingberry Jr. City Council - District #2

The Committee to Elect George Cushingberry Jr.
Nov. 15, 2013

The Committee to Elect George Cushingberry Jr. for City Council wants to thank the 13,259 people of District 2 who elected  him represent you.  This election campaign was a mission to save our city and neighborhoods. We pledge to represent you well and to provide a voice for change in the future of our City.   My opponent ran an interesting campaign and we want to salute Richard Bowers for his effort on his first run for office.  The 11,642 who voted for Mr. Bowers will not be disappointed. 

This is no time to get our heads down in despair because we will rise from the ashes again just like we did in 1967.  There has always been and will be talented individuals who live in Detroit and, we hope to help people develop those talents to their maximum potential.  In the coming weeks, a district office location will be announced. We want the people in our district to have open communication and access to city information and services via internet, TV and, Radio. 

Blight removal through removing or enhancement of existing structures in the District will be accomplished through teamwork with stakeholders in the neighborhoods.  Gun violence is a sad epidemic that is turning our citizens into objects to be used for training doctors in the Armed Forces of the United States. Gun responsibility and education is essential to stop the urge to shoot someone. Life is a video game with no reset button.  When we increase jobs and mental health treatment for people who need help for their condition, the violence will subside.

We need more Teamsters driving Trucks instead of people out of work. In order to be a truck driver you have to test clean of any Schedule I drug.  If you want to increase the number of Truckers we need to ask your United States House of Representative member to remove Marijuana from the Controlled Substances List or, get replaced by another person who will in 2015.  Voting is power and We hope to get people of all ages to register and, vote by absentee in August and November of 2014.   

Mayor Duggan, Sherriff Napolean and, Myself will work together to create a safer and viable neighborhood again by re-utilizing Recreation Centers that were once closed to save money at the expense of the people.  We pledge to work together to remake Detroit to be a place to live, work, play and, move about with: Improved Transportation via Bus, Train, and Airplanes. The regional hub at the State Fairgrounds will be developed in a partnership with the vision of Earvin Johnson and the technical mind of Marvin Beatty.   Citywide WI-FI is more than just a possibility and, entire neighborhoods will be able to access the internet and maintain property using the latest technology.

We hope to spread the message of each one, reach one, the value of getting an education and,  pledging to do something to do uplift the quality of life. We hope to meet you soon in your neighborhood churches, mosques, businesses, and homes.  Enjoy some BBQ in District #2 and we will stay in touch with each other and, make good things happen in the City of Detroit.
The Committee of Councilman-Elect George Cushingberry Jr.  District #2

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